Dear KT:Cold brrr….

First day in London….now this is what feels like a foreign country…Bali was so much like Madras..I guess for me foreign equates an alien feeling!! Its cold!!!! Wish I had you to snuggle upto!!! And to think I complained of the AC when you had it on 24 degrees!!!!

Miss you..but the excitement is there!!! Today I have a surprise for you…want you to go to my strolley bag and open it…and oh u dont have to waste time rummaging the rest of my cupboard or yours also for that matter..there isnt anything there…

Yes you can make it up to me when I get back!!

And take care of A from me….


Dear KT:Lonesome

The first few hours of being away are the hardest … especially since you could have been by my side….grabbing the aisle seat, nudging my elbow and not letting me much room, eating the crap airline food along with me, telling me a dozen times to wake you when they bring on the juice…

Anyway Im going to try and make this a fun period and you are soo going to be refreshing this page to see if Ive posted something new!!

So you watch out boy…love you lots!!

Please be ok A

A, my brother is unwell, his back is giving him trouble and the doctor has said that he needs two surgeries, one requiring hospitalisation for 10 days. Amma and appa have taken him to another one to take a second opinion…im very scared…God please let there be no trouble…the kid is just 20 he doesnt need troubles like this…I am in no mood to travel now also..let him be ok..and let his back be set right with medication alone..or a minor surgery like they said before…feel like crying now…

Update at 3 30 pm:

Things arent as bad as they sounded in the morning….but he does need two surgeries and there will be pain…hopefully he will have the strength to go through this..I am going ahead with my trip as well…though I dont feel as enthusiastic anymore…

Rs 35,000….

…That’s what my pocket is lighter by!! Ive got KT the long awaited Nokia E 90 communicator…why anyone would want an ugly brick of a phone is something I cannot fathom for even a minute

…but that excitement in his voice, the way he braved a hailstorm 🙂  … given that he’s a type who wouldnt budge from seat if there was even a fine drizzle..that childlike enthusiasm..and the tremendous happiness writ large on his face…makes every paisa worth it!!

Have fun with your new phone KT!!

London – here i come

Im off to London on Saturday…for a training session…visa came in today after a week of my submitting it…giving me quite the jitters for sometime…on the brighter side it makes me feel better about KT not making it with me..we had grand plans of taking a second honeymoon..and visiting France as well…but he couldnt make it thanks to an official trip to the US that he needs to make…now if the UK visa took this long there wouldve been absolutely no time to get visa to visit France as well and there would’ve been much heartbreak at the last minute…now all the crying and ranting is all done and over with..and Im looking forward to the trip..but I’m so going to miss KT…wish you were going too…

But I have been exploring wordpress like its some new world and have figured that I can leave posts that publish at a later date…and Im quite excited about doing just that!! KT doesnt know about the existence of this new blog of mine…so I hope I can adequately surprise him!!

So there’s going to be this flurry of posts  for now…hopefully I can keep the tempo going!!

New Beginnings

Been wanting to write a blog for sometime now…have been dilly-dallying but today push has come to shove and a new blog is born!!!

An absolutely unrelated incident was what spurred me on…very strange and I cannot explain it…but these things happen 🙂

There was hail in Madras…for a place that barely gets rain hail is totally out of the ordinary..was very surreal…watching these little hail stones falling and watching them on the lawn reminded me of a garden party or something… ice spilt on the grass…

Kaytie was actually pelted by the stones…and I have to say Im jealous …he thinks Im quite mad but what the heck how often is it that you get to be pelted by hailstones in Madras??

So happy birthday blog…  🙂

..hopefully we’ll be good for each other