London – here i come

Im off to London on Saturday…for a training session…visa came in today after a week of my submitting it…giving me quite the jitters for sometime…on the brighter side it makes me feel better about KT not making it with me..we had grand plans of taking a second honeymoon..and visiting France as well…but he couldnt make it thanks to an official trip to the US that he needs to make…now if the UK visa took this long there wouldve been absolutely no time to get visa to visit France as well and there would’ve been much heartbreak at the last minute…now all the crying and ranting is all done and over with..and Im looking forward to the trip..but I’m so going to miss KT…wish you were going too…

But I have been exploring wordpress like its some new world and have figured that I can leave posts that publish at a later date…and Im quite excited about doing just that!! KT doesnt know about the existence of this new blog of mine…so I hope I can adequately surprise him!!

So there’s going to be this flurry of posts  for now…hopefully I can keep the tempo going!!


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