is an innovative, patented product that protects your clothing from stains caused by excessive perspiration. Senorita perspiration pads are more than just dress shields – they prolong the life of a garment regardless of fabric and prevent stains and odours on your clothing.

Senorita has been patented (Patent No. 1981248) and can be used by both Men & Women

Hee hee….can be used by both men and women..the least they could have done is created a brand called Senor!!! 🙂


Maza aata hai na

Tehelka: How do you feel after you have killed Muslims…

Bajrangi: Maza aata hai na, saheb [I enjoy it]… I came back after I killed them them, called up the home minister and went to sleep… I felt like Rana Pratap, that I had done something like Maharana Pratap… I’d heard stories about him, but that day I did what he did myself.

Chilling…what kind of people are these…that take pleasure and pride in killing people….warped minds….the guy slept well after killing…he wasnt haunted by those images, by the looks of pure terror on the faces of innocent people, the cries of people spending their last minutes of life…

Horrifying as this sounds, this expose has to be taken with a pinch of salt. First the Tehelka guy was posing as an RSS the Bajrangi must have exaggerated to impress him. Secondly what with such a strong anti-Modi sentiment floating around within the saffron brigade…this could have been a move to discredit Modi as well…the truth we will never find out..The Nanavati Shah commission is going to take cognizance of this sting operation though.

Edited to update:

Some justice??

Happy birthday to you to you

A month has gone by since i have started this blog and have loved it! Its become an obsession now and everytime i think something i want to immediately blog here’s to many many years of blogging!

One month and 30 posts!!! Not bad..that’s a very decent run rate..When I first started off, I really doubted that I would be able to sustain the momentum and keep this going…so far so good…KT complained to me that this is a sad blog..that I don’t write about the funny things that happen…when things are outright funny I can write about it…but the issue with me is that I don’t see the funny side of not so funny things…like for eg our mounting card dues..that is not a reflection of my blogging style..that is my outlook on life itself…

Hopefully when this blog completes one year…I will have happier things to talk about.. 🙂

Jab we met

Me going to watch the movie on Friday…if someone had told me I would actually go and what a Kareena Kapoor movie in a theatre..I would have laughed right in their face.

 But I havent done a fun thing in a long time…what with the wedding, Bangalore preparations et all, KT and I havent even gone out for dinner…our only outings have been furniture shopping!!! Plus KT isnt going to be around on Friday evening as well…so its S’s day out on Friday!!!

Edited to update:

Friday was a flop…I was delayed in the office and couldnt go…but me and KT went on Sunday..the night show and I really liked it!!! Was surprised that I could actually enjoy a Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor film!!! It was a loud film…unabashedly and intentionally so. It had a lot of similarities to a lot of films, DDLJ, Pardes etc but still managed to hold attention..the sceond half may have been a tad winding, but it was filled with these little moments like a Maniratnam film (ok not that great) which was what made the film the scene at Hotel Decent (!!!), Kareena trying to fix Shahid up with her cousin, the meeting with the granddad…It made for some good light hearted viewing..nothing serious..a feel good film that was nice entertainment.

Na autokaran autokaran

For some reason KT and I were singing this song yesterday and the thought that came into my head was this is a song that glorifies the autokaran so much…and puts the typical auto wallah on this high pedestal and makes them sound like a community of good samaritans…God’s gift to humankind

I don’t drive…so no road rage for me…but auto rage…is a term I think that can be coined to describe the crazy emotions I experience when dealing with Madras auto wallahs..I’ve never known anyone who has driven me nuts than the auto wallah. They have become a law unto their own and subject unsuspecting commuters to such harrasment. For me this has become automatic…I tell them my destination, they give me the fare I’d be willing to cough up times two at least…and then my legs will automatically move ahead…so much that when on a rare occassion they ask for a reasonable amount…I walk on before I realise that I’m ok with the fare and walk back!!!

 I just fail to understand this…the standard of living is way higher in Bombay than in Madras..the traffic is much worse…on the whole I’m sure the average autowallah has it much worse in Bombay..yet the minimum fare there is Rs 11, where in Madras it has recently been hiked to Rs 14, though the reality is that you cannot get anywhere for less than Rs 20. In Bombay, if the fare amounts to Rs 29, the autowallah would insist on returning the change if you hand him Rs 30, while in my dear darling city if the charge is Rs 21, and you hand the guy Rs 30, the chances of the autowallah returning change is practically nil.

For the locals to deal with the issue is bad enough…God save non Tamil speaking people or tourists…worst affected are the foreigners…complete rip off that’s what happens to them…the whole Atithi Devo Bhava concept on which there have been ads…they can base an ad on this!!!

I am at my rudest worst in dealing with autos and have absolutely no patience for these dishonest, greedy people who I’m forced to deal with on a daily basis..the whole autowallah-police-politician nexus has made it impossible for any action to be taken against these guys..I’d rather walk / take a bus (not anymore!!!) than have to deal with these nasty bunch of people and I simply refuse to pay a paisa more than what ought to be paid (major bone of contention between KT and me…I’ve even gotten off an auto once as KT agreed to pay extra…major fights have erupted thanks to these guys!!). On the other hand when one chap asked me for lower than what I normally paid, I gave him the extra money wholeheartedly…

The only way in which I can get rid of this nuisance is to get a car and learn to drive properly..that’s why I said…get a car…get a car!!! 🙂


Conspiracy of fools

That’s my current read…all about the Enron debacle…what’s more it resembles my Accounts text book…in size 🙂

This is going to keep me occupied for hopefully two days at least…very gripping…will update this post to review the book and hopefully I will do this going forward!!

In a galaxy far far away

Ok..KT this is what I want for our 25th anniversary…. will settle for nothing less.