Five things…

…that have either altered my life or without which my life would have been extremely different and inconceivable…

1. My ICSE results…till then I was just another girl in class…a little intelligent…but nothing earth shattering…the super dooper results and my standing first catapulted me into the league of the smarties…the expectations of people initially was difficult to cope with…but I found that I surpassed myself each time I had a major exam…was a huge revelation

2. Meeting KT…I had a very lonely and friendless (in the true sense) existence till I met KT…in fact my dad’s counsellor with whom even family had to do sessions with was shocked that none of my friends knew about the state at home and even spoke to ma about the fact that I needed to open up…KT has been the only person apart from ma to whom I found I could spill my soul to…he is my only true friend and I am totally grateful for his friendship and love…life without him is simply unimaginable now…

3. My dad…I’ve lived with my dad too long now to even know a life that is normal…it is impossible to even visualise a life where my dad was the regular, responsible types where I’d have had a normal childhood minus all the worries that have plagued us all along… As a result of all of this happenning the wonderful relationship I’ve had with amma…amma was my only friend till KT came along..

4. Bombay…was a huge revelation…in two ways…one was that I never realised I’d miss people so much…I always thought I was this hard as nails person and that nothing could shake me too much…but I will never forget that awful night when I came home to an empty house and cried my guts out… The other aspect is that I had no clue I was such a hard working person…long work hours, cooking my lunch everyday, washing clothes, dishes, sweeping and cleaning up the house..and of course travelling by the local trains and spending 3 hours in a day commuting….its amazing the way the human body can adapt and push itself beyond any limits set before!!!

5. Discovering books…though not exactly a late bloomer…I didnt start with Noddy and Lady bird books!!! I was studying for an entrance exam and was given a Secret Seven by my uncle..that has set off my lifelong love affair with books and reading..reading has played such an important part in shaping my personality and moulding me!!


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