Hop skip and jump

I had written earlier about how the hailstones in Madras gave me that final push to start this blog…this was the incident, I think the first incident that caused me to think that I should write a blog…simply because it was such a sweet little thing that had happened that provided me with such amazement and joy and I was left thinking…a year down the line and I will not remember this little incident…

I was standing in the balcony of my home early one morning and was taking in the fresh air….I saw a mynah on the parapet wall of the neighbour’s terrace…hop hop hop it went…hopping on the wall when suddenly it lost its balance and fell…it actually fell a few feet..before remembering that it was a bird…summoned up its pride and flew up, back onto the wall!!! Wonder what went through the mind of the mynah when it was experiencing the unusual feeling of falling…the unnaturalness of the whole situation before something happened and it pulled itself up together….


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