Visa Venkanna

There is a temple near Hyderabad where you can pray to Lord Balaji to grant you a visa..he is called “Visa Venkanna” or the giver of visas!!!

Quoting from the Geocities website:

” Whoever wants to go abroad for higher studies, employment, etc. has to first go to Chilkur and pay obeissance to the Lord and take a vow to pay His dakshina. Then take eleven (11) pradakshinas round the temple and put forth the desire to go abroad. The Lord is prayed during pradakshinas to grant the devotee with a Visa. The devotees, during eleven pradakshinas, vow to take 108 pradakshinas once the Visa is granted. When the Visa paving way to fly abroad is received, the devotee pays his obeissance with the vowed 108 pradakshinas.”

I wish I could just say maybe they should build a mental hospital next to the temple…but I have visited (wink wink!!) the CA Hanuman temple haven’t I !!! 🙂

So the best thing to do is shake your head and say …people people, secure in the knowledge that only my family knows about my trip to the CA Hanuman before my final exams!!!!


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