Three years…

Dear KT 

This day…three years ago…my life changed….

This day…three years ago…I took an irreversible step…

This day…three years ago…you and I came together…as one…

October 23, 2004 put an and to the turmoil that we (or was it only me!!) faced… I was this angst ridden girl…untrusting and extremely reluctant to get really close to people…never had a truly close friend, let alone a boyfriend…then you came along into my life and took me and my emotions on this roller coaster ride…

I remember the first day that we met, May 21, 2004…I knew there were these new boys in office…those who had joined while I was still on study leave…I’d done the whole “Hi we haven’t met” routine with everyone but you….then you came along while I was discussing something with KS….I wish I could say that sparks flew all around and I went week in the knees and that we kept sneaking glances at each other!!! 🙂

Instead you came, spoke to KS, very loud…something to do with goal setting….the only impression I had was that you spoke so loud!!! And without as much as a glance at me, you walked off…then the second time around when you came back, I…introduced myself to you…and we finally formally met!!

For someone who’s not made too many and I just hurtled into our relationship….you just inspired that trust in me…you showed me what it was to have a be able to share, open up and just completely be comfortable…you gave me all the support when I was so worried about my CA results…you even became my lucky charm…and I heard the good news from you…and I was touched that someone outside of close family could genuinely care about you…

Then came the troubled times…where we started venturing out of the bounds of our platonic relationship…nothing was said or discussed….when we went through the troubled months of Sept and Oct….we weren’t formally boyfriend girlfriend….but we kissed, we made out…you and I…you, the “oh girls are a waste of time” boy….I, the goody girl for whom physical contact with guys meant shaking hands (at least you had been kissed on the cheek before that by a girl 🙂 )!!!

I was traumatised by what was happening, scared as this was uncharted territory, this meant we were in the process of committing….and then something snapped inside me and I told you that we’d better end all the fooling around and keep our relationship entirely professional (yeah right!!!!)….I still remember what I said “I love you, but I am not in love with you” (I think I should start writing cheesy movie dialogues!!!)

But little did I know your powers of persuasion….and made even stronger by the boy in love and in typical KT style…you wanted solid reasons for me not wanting to be your girlfriend…and you refused to accept my vague answers of following my gut, instinct and all of that!!! I’m sorry I put you through all of that, I’m sorry I made you cry and spend two days wondering which way your life was going to change…

I remember going into a long slumber that Saturday afternoon…and waking up….I’d like to say that the haze had disappeared and that my mind was all clear…but I remember you calling and me saying yes, but can we please get a cook!!!!

We didn’t meet until Monday after that…when I saw your smile that day and that hug that you gave me the haze lifted and I knew all was right with my world….

Thanks KT for giving me the gift of love, thanks KT for being there for me…thanks KT for being you

Love you lots


….psst…now that we’re married and all….I don’t want to get a cook…and I cannot wait to taste your gnocchi


3 Responses

  1. The beauty of the moments has been wonderfully captured in your words. I’m amazed 🙂

    GDS: Thanks! Do you write a blog yourself?

  2. awwwwwwwwwww

    touch wood! here’s hoping there are many more years ahead with a less cooking anyway and more gnochi 🙂

    Been five months now and no gnochi yet!!

  3. Aww that s one sweet post. Such love! *puts a metaphorical kala tikka*
    I wish it just grows, beyond bounds and words and all that.
    You made me emotional

    Welcome! And thanks for those words!!..and the kala tikka!!

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