Jab we met

Me going to watch the movie on Friday…if someone had told me I would actually go and what a Kareena Kapoor movie in a theatre..I would have laughed right in their face.

 But I havent done a fun thing in a long time…what with the wedding, Bangalore preparations et all, KT and I havent even gone out for dinner…our only outings have been furniture shopping!!! Plus KT isnt going to be around on Friday evening as well…so its S’s day out on Friday!!!

Edited to update:

Friday was a flop…I was delayed in the office and couldnt go…but me and KT went on Sunday..the night show and I really liked it!!! Was surprised that I could actually enjoy a Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor film!!! It was a loud film…unabashedly and intentionally so. It had a lot of similarities to a lot of films, DDLJ, Pardes etc but still managed to hold attention..the sceond half may have been a tad winding, but it was filled with these little moments like a Maniratnam film (ok not that great) which was what made the film memorable..like the scene at Hotel Decent (!!!), Kareena trying to fix Shahid up with her cousin, the meeting with the granddad…It made for some good light hearted viewing..nothing serious..a feel good film that was nice entertainment.


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