Happy birthday to you to you

A month has gone by since i have started this blog and have loved it! Its become an obsession now and everytime i think something i want to immediately blog about..so here’s to many many years of blogging!

One month and 30 posts!!! Not bad..that’s a very decent run rate..When I first started off, I really doubted that I would be able to sustain the momentum and keep this going…so far so good…KT complained to me that this is a sad blog..that I don’t write about the funny things that happen…when things are outright funny I can write about it…but the issue with me is that I don’t see the funny side of not so funny things…like for eg our mounting card dues..that is not a reflection of my blogging style..that is my outlook on life itself…

Hopefully when this blog completes one year…I will have happier things to talk about.. 🙂


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