Every day…

…is a bad hair day…

As I type this I notice a strand of hair on my keyboard…sigh

Long silky hair..as a child I would gaze longingly at the Sunsilk and Clinic Plus ads that would feature models with shiny, bouncy hair..hair that did not get all knotted up and hair you’d want to lean and touch….and I would faithfully buy the product and crib that the advertisers were lying….my hair didnt turn out like what they’d promised…pah

Turned out that it was not a problem with the shampoos but with my hair….

I have been blessed with frizzy hair..not curls mind you…frizzy, dry hair..full of split ends…i hate going in for a haircut as the stylist would helpfully inform me that my hair was very dry and would proceed to try and sell to me one of those huge bottles of conditioner that have some enormous price tags as well…and I’d just have to grit my teeth and say no thanks..

I must also mention the various reactions that have followed my hair cuts…ranging from veiled amusement….the “it looks different” (yeah I spent 300 bucks on this), “looks hep and trendy” (Thank you thank you)…to loud guffaws to my face…

I even had these wild thoughts of shaving it off and running off the Bahamas during the time it took to grow back…

What sparked off this rant..I walked into the office in the morning after my auto ride and headed to the washroom to comb out my wild hair….and I looked something like a mopstick 😦

..or worse those cartoons where someone gets electrocuted and the way this is normally depicted is the hair standing up and sideways….amen.


3 Responses

  1. I used to make tiny braids all over my hair to get just your kind of hair. It gave volume to my hair, and how I loved the fact that no real combing was needed, it flew and bounced beautifully…looked gorgeous. People used to ask if I permed it or if it was naturally like that. I used to feel terrible, knowing it wasn’t really MY hair they were talking about. I would have loved it if my hair was like how you describe yours. Mine is flat, slightly wavy and, of late, turning grey: (

  2. […] case these pictures don’t tell you the story, you could read this. (I even have a category named hair in anticipation of more […]

  3. Was just browsing through ur blog! check this out, same woes 🙂

    Hello Curly Sue!! I loved your blog!

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