First Day First Show

Om Shanti Om Shanti Shanti Om….

I loved the start and as the song ended I knew that the film would go downhill from there..I just fell in love with the concept of that opening scene!!!

An extremely improbable story line..of course unapologetically so…but what the heck I’m not too sure if its justification enough by crying out from the roof tops that you’ve made an intentionally silly film!! The first half was engaging enough, but the second half simply did not measure up.

Reincarnation, ghosts..lah di lah…the loud 70s…a drop dead gorgeous Deepika Padukone, a loud Kiron Kher, a wasted Shreyas Talpade, an effective and understated Arjun Rampal, some memorable moments, some laughs…all of this made up Om Shanti Om. I didnt mention Shah Rukh Khan as this seemed like yet another role in yet another film for him. He was endearing as the small bit player, but completely annoyed me as the superstar he played in the second half.

The bits I liked were scene where Shah Rukh meets Deepika for the first time, the Telugu movie parody (esp the way he says rascalla!!), the Filmfare awards (only Shah Rukh Khan could have made people like Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta, Amitabh and Abhishek Bachhan (end of feud??), Rakesh Roshan etc make idiots of themselves at an awards function!!), the billboard on the bridge that initially had Deepika and subsequently Shah Rukh….but on the whole the film failed to deliver..

I also though it was highly sportive of Rishi Kapoor to make an appearance in the film especially considering that sonny dearest Ranbir makes his debut today….

My guess is that the film will be a hit nevertheless as it has its entertaining moments..but it most certainly will not be a blockbuster..Personal first first day first show…and I bunked office today…mainly to watch the movie!! Sheesh LOSER!!!!


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