We move to Bangalore next week..Bangalore holds both good and bad memories for me..Bangalore was the first holiday KT and me took together..all hush hush and secret..we had been together around 9 months. We were such paranoid people..we travelled separately 🙂 and he stayed in a hotel and me with a friend (I kept having visions of these cheesy Tamil movies where raids are conducted in  hotels …even 4 star hotels and me thrown in jail and having to call my parents…I was not as worried about the jail /prostitution charge as I was about having to explain to my parents why I was in Bangalore with KT rather than my friend as was the official story!!)

But we had a ball..the thrill that we were on holiday together secretly the fact that we could spend so much time together..sigh!! I think we are taking our time together for granted nowadays!!! Maybe now that all the work related to the house is done we will now have more time to spend with each other and relax!


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