Unhappy feet

I am thin…I am tall…I have long legs and arms….and I have BIG feet.

I first started facing problems when I was possibly in Standard 4. We were expected to wear “Ballerina” shoes..a kind of shoes available in Bata. I couldn’t get them for my size and I had to get special permission to wear the white canvas “Tennis” shoes. I was filled with pride as only kids from Standard 6 could wear those canvas shoes and it made me feel all grown up. Stupid me didnt realise the trouble that was waiting.

In Standard 9, I could no longer buy my canvas shoes from the girls section. One look at my size and the sales guy would scream out for the pair to be brought in from the men’s section. By this time I was reading the signs as even daily wear shoes were hard to come by. I brushed aside the issue by taking to floaters and other unisex models that were available in my size.

However the moment arrived when I started wishing for pretty, strappy sexy shoes and sandals. Nothing fit. I’d scout around everywhere…for that one elusive, feminine looking pair that I could wear. I still remember one pair that I found and it fit!!! I bought it with great glee and my happiness lasted one day…the heel ripped and was beyond repair.

There are stores that sell clothes for big people now in India…why can’t they start selling big shoes as well? I kind of manage with informal wear..but formal office wear shoes…I’ve had such a bad experience!!! There is simply no place in Bombay and Madras that sells formal shoes for my size 😦

I even tried getting a pair made by a mochi….end result…shoes that looked like they were specially made for people with orthopedic defects. I am now contemplating following the trick that Bata used to use in school….go to the men’s section, find a “small” pair of slip on shoes that look a little effeminate!!! I’m also going to try to trace out my feet and send to KT’s brother who lives in Boston…I’m sure I’d get my size!

Till then its blisters in the feet or shoes for the handicapped!!


5 Responses

  1. mm.. usually the western shopping centres shld have yr shoe size.. i too have problems with shoes… i have to replace my shoes every 6 months or so… i don t know why but they just get torn… 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by!!

    Very few stores stock my size…so I’m not exactly spoilt for choice!! And yes they rip very fast..and I’m left having to start the search all over again!!

  3. Been in similar shoes – pun intended 😀 Here in US, I do find many, many shoes in my size but there have been occasions when I wanted some girly, strappy delicate stuff and couldn’t find any of it in my size 😦 But that was because they were sold out in my size as it happens to be the most common size here 😛

    Suffice it to say – I feel your pain, sister! Even I started having trouble finding shoes my size in 4th-5th grades. Shoes made by mochis looked exactly like you described them.

  4. Alright!! Its funny how something as silly as shoes can give you grief!!

  5. With me, a size 4(Bata), it’s the opposite. I like sports shoes or unisex sandals, and all you get in my size are girly shoes that are downright uncomfortable and crappy for the feet. OR kids shoes – pinks and blues and baby yellows. What a nightmare to clean after hours of walking every day!
    Oh, did I mention that I have exceptionally high arches so shoes invariably end up twice as expensive as they need be?
    Grrr… nightmares, I tell you!

    U need to make a trip to Japan I think!!

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