Five minutes

Every single day I am late…the earliest I get to office is 10…those are very very rare occasions. Its 10 30 normally sometimes 11. Difficult for someone who loves to begin the day early. Do you know what the reason is? I bet you do.

 Today, a Saturday. I got slightly delayed…say 5 minutes. You did not even let on that you had to leave by a certain time…why was I  delayed? I was pressing your feet…

Five couldnt wait…

I had tears in my eyes, I was raving mad, I nearly lost myself. I feigned a cold and a sneezing bout to ensure that your mother didnt realise that I was crying. If at all its possible for me to get a feeling of happened the other day..long ago when you didnt answer my phone calls..its more disbelief than anger that your capable of this…loads of sadness and hurt. I felt truly alone for the first time in a really long time. I do not belong anywhere now

“I’ve never delayed you to a client meeting” you say. Duh…when was the last time I even went to a client meeting?

I cried on the road…couldnt bring myself to face an autowallah…I walked on and reached the bus stop. Suddenly it struck me..why not take the bus..rather than argue and talk to an autowallah. I waited and took the bus. It was strangely liberating. I spent Rs 3 rather than Rs 40. I felt like me.

Tomorrow I will not wait for you. I will be me. Will be in the office by 9 30.


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