False alarm

I started this blog nearly two months back…and I put up the cluster map on KT’s insistence a month back..I told him that it was silly to do it as he was the only reader of my blog and I would get the odd search engine hit.

I had registered in the website, but hadnt put it up on my blog as I had to attend to something urgent. When I finally got around to doing it, I saw two big dots, one in Madras and the other in Bombay. I thought, wow, I have someone reading my blog from Bombay as well. Days rolled on and the dot became even bigger…my happiness turned to doubtfulness and then this reader assumed stalker like proportions in my hyper imaginative head! I was also a little scared that this was a known person, what with me talking about my ex-manager (Yes, Yes EX!!!) and other extremely private stuff.

I wished that this person would comment and let me know who it was. Then it all came crashing down…

I visited a website and there was a message, “Thank you for visiting this site, have a good day in Mumbai”. I was initially puzzled then it all fell in place. At work, I still am using the server located in Bombay (coz of slightly less strict firewalls that enable me to access cricket scores in the office!)….and hence MY location is Bombay!!! So what my map was counting was my own visits to my blog (I sometimes forget to log on and come into the site to realise I can’t edit!!).

So its now official..I have no stalker and I am my own frequent visitor!!


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