Political correctness..whatever..

Why do we find the need to be ever politically correct??

Calling someone handicapped is a huge no no…deaf/dumb/blind…even worse. When these words were coined I don’t think there was any derogatory connotations to them. They just mean someone who cannot hear/talk/see as is applicable. Why cannot we say it as it is? Why do we have to say differently abled / specially abled etc. We associate a touch of inferiority with these words and bingo…they become politically incorrect terms.

You go for a wedding…and you have to start making politically correct noises again…”Oooh, what a sweet couple you guys make!”, “Wow, you look so good together”..STOP please! I know for a fact that a lot of couples do not look so great together. Me and KT for instance…we make a fairly odd couple looks wise..I look like a beanpole and KT is fairly round and “healthy” (there I cannot say fat..of course not..heavy..ok, fat no!). We have a rocking relationship, are mentally very compatible, heck even the food was good..no comments on all of that.

Yes you cannot say housewife, try using homemaker instead. Don’t the mean the same thing? And who are you to say housewife sounds condescending while homemaker does not?

With clients, political correctness just sky rockets. I hate those sugary sweet mails, purring conversations I need to have with these clients. Why must I say, “It would be great if you could provide me with the projections in excel rather than pdf, as it would assist the analysis that I need to carry out. ” What kind of idiot would give me an excel file converted into pdf when I need to analyse a financial model. How on earth am I supposed to value the company if I get some meaninglessly numbers, especially when I have told him several times that I need an excel model. And yet I have to purr and coo..simply he needs to pay me the fees.

Sometimes I wonder, is “politically correct” the politically correct word for hypocrisy??


3 Responses

  1. It’s silly isn’t it. Like some people who cringe at the word maid & request you to refer to them as house help instead but treat them terribly nevertheless. Certainly one of the more polite avatars of hypocrisy.

    SM: Exactly…it really gets to me..

  2. Maybe it’s just a way of being polite.

  3. and yes, I also think its cringeworthy.

    SM: That’s the whole point…who decides that terms like handicapped, maid etc are impolite..its the association with these words that I find hypocritical

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