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So I’ve been away for a, travel, general depression are all reasons for me not writing all this time.

The weekend was good..we finally went to Cedars for their Sunday brunch..Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine…had a good meal and we went on to Landmark rubbing our bellies after a very satisfying meal. Those vouchers which had expired were deemed valid after all and armed with a basket I attacked the shelves with militant like zeal! Three thousand rupees later we were left with:

– A Thousand Splendid Suns

– The Inheritance of Loss

– A Fine Balance

– The Google Story

– Brick Lane

and another Wall Street fraud story – the name of which I cannot remember. KT then tore me away from there lest I spend away my entire salary there…oh and I also bought an illustrated book on M S Subbulakshmi for my mother..I haven’t read it yet, but the pictures are simply lovely.

Monday and Tuesday took me to Bombay and it felt real good to be back there and meet the colleagues. I stayed at a hotel called Astoria which I thought was an obsure hotel that no one would have heard of since it was cheap and easily available. Turns out that it was a name everyone had heard of because of an accident that had recently taken place!! In any case I have emerged in one piece. We drove down to Juhu to attend my colleague A’s wedding and spent more than 2 hours on the road thanks to a girl insisting that she would not take the train. I mean who lives in Bombay and refuses to take the train?? We were starved by the time we reached the wedding hall, after having eaten peanuts from a seller at the traffic signal, after pissing off a book seller (he held out a fake copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns..and I couldn’t resist showing him my copy..and instantly I felt bad). Now A has the typical Greek god looks and he looked radiant 🙂 …I know people normally gush about the bride…now she is a nice looking girl…but A simply outshone her!!

Tuesday arrived and I went out of the way to dress up for it!! Complete formals with double cuff shirt, cuff links and the jacket! I loved it!! The meeting went off ok..I was a little scared about it because the last time around it happened, it ended being a complete disaster and it turned into a shouting match. Now A (who was the manager on the job) was also absent and it basically fell on me to back my partner up…it went on smooth with my partner losing his temper just once 🙂

Wednesday saw pathbreaking research being announced. Well the reasons of the occurrence of cancer have been discovered…..drumroll….”The wife did not wear her mangalsutra in the nights”…drumroll. Yes it finally happened..I got caught without my home that is and my parents went berserk…it led to some extremely nasty words and the blame for my dad’s cousin’s husband passing away due to cancer was attributed to her not wearing the mangalsutra. I seem to be losing whatever remaining respect I have for my dad..i just wanted to walk out of there..the only thing that held me back was my mother who was being rather reasonable given the circumstances and her beliefs…where does all this self righteousness disappear when he happily pawned off my mom’s gold chains onto which she had strung her mangalsutra? Sick really, I don’t even want to look at his face…he literally spat venom at my face..the language he used really shocked me

I’ve also been shocked at the extent of hate and venom that’s been doing the rounds on blogs. The offending post has been now deleted, but I am shocked that harmless people can inspire so much hatred. Its absolutely sickening and I think the best way of dealing with them is to just ingnore them and not react to their nonsense…especially the one guy whose blog seems to thrive on “puking” on other blogs. Sick.


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  1. Are you Tamil Iyer? I am. This was exactly what I was raised on- woman will get widowed if she dares to take off her Tali.

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