In our very own backyard

News about school shootings in the US have been doing the rounds for sometime have we reacted? Shock no doubt, dismay..also that sense of smugness..that all this is happening very far away…in the USA Land…we’d think a thought or too about the gun culture in the US, about how the children there are not disciplined enough etc. That’s it.

Well the unthinkable has finally happened. Two students were involved in the shooting and they have now been arrested..and the worst part their parents are now absconding…I have a few questions for the parents:

– You are absconding now..where were you when these children were growing up? I know parents cannot be held entirely responsible for their children’s actions..environment, circumstances, school, teachers, friends all influence behaviour…but for kids to grow this wrong…surely you must be responsible?

– Why did your child have access to your firearm? And how did they know how to use it? Did you brandish it around the place? Or worse did you conduct a lesson on “How to use a gun for Dummies”?

– You are now absconding…is this part of some large conspiracy to escape the country or do you really not care about your kids who have been arrested?

– Have you spared a thought to the parents of the kid who died?

And you kids….what the hell were you thinking?? The boy may have been a huge bully…your worst enemy…whatever…but surely, surely he did nothing to deserve to be killed?


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