Broadband blues

Dear Mr Airtel Man

 Thank you for installing the broadband connection in my house. I also really appreciate the fact that you think my house is so lovely that you found it fit to give me that drishti pariharam in the form of placing the phone on the staircase. Yes I agree I was negligent in not checking to see how you had placed it, but seriously I hadnt credited you with that much intelligence and sensitivity. I apologise. The best part was even after I called and yelled about this and asked you to undo all of your good work, you persisted and insisted that I place my modem on the staircase…and when I refused you said I could put a stand on the staircase.  I unfortunately don’t have the kind of decorating skills that you have, but a stand in the middle of a staircase makes a very unique prop indeed…or is it some vastu or feng shui compliance?

You have now promised to fix the modem on the wall..with stickers…I am sceptical but I am giving you another chance…let’s see.




3 Responses

  1. Oh god. I heard of a similar case from someone long back. But sify broadband does not need modems.

    GDS: Well things are settled right now…just a few ugly wires around the place!! Do leave a link if possible next time!

  2. I am not sure really. But I started to watch my diet and take pains to walk and run, around 3 weeks back…and last evening I wieghed myself, and then….. my mouth was left open with happiness..I was not expecting to lose wieght and so quickly…

  3. no crash dieting..thats really stupid way to lose wieght!! I really had to steel myself and stay off sugar, white bread, butter, cheese and other sinful stuff.! and walked twice a day for 1hour, and ran for twice a day for 15 mins each….ofcourse my legs and lungs were on strike later..!

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