Combating troubles Down Under

Much has been written and spoken about the disaster of the SCG test.  Here’s the best suggestion….credit to a colleague of mine to have sparked off the idea..

Do not pull out of the wouldnt be the right thing to do..Instead bring back the Tendulkars and the Gangulys….send in a brand new team:

Himesh Reshammiya (Captain, coz he has enough caps to supply to the entire team)

Bobby Darling (we are not racist, nor are we homophobic or against transgenders, hence we are making a point)

Sanjay Leela Bhansali (He can beat the aussies black and blue)

Arjun Singh (So that he can personally oversee the upliftment of the aborginees and the lower “races” in Australia)

Bal Thackeray (Oh we had to have Marathi representation, didnt we? And who better?? Go Tiger!!)

Johnny Lever (I’m sure he can come up with better insults than monkey..what say?)

Laloo Yadav (er well he had to be there..)

M Karunanidhi (representation from the South, so what if there were many Chennai players ignored before him?)i

Prashant Tamang (yes there was sms voting as well)

Rakhi Sawant (no the voting wasnt rigged this time)

S Sreesanth (he’s the main guy that can manage to irk the aussies with his sledging, plus he’s injured)

I considered including Sidhu..but he’s sooo mad that I think he’d spluter and spit and drown the poor little island nation..

So yeah while the boys are frolicking on those Sydney beaches..send these real men to combat the big bad meanie cry babies…


2 Responses

  1. lol at Bobby darling & Sidhu

    oh btw when did sidhu get outta the prison..?!

    Oh Sidhu’s been out on bail for a long time now..his appealed I think against the verdict

  2. LMAO, that’s an awesome list 🙂

    🙂 Thanks!

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