Somebody bump off this man, please

“I am the Devil that occasionally wears Prada”. Ewwwww..really why is Karan Johar so obnoxious and annoying? Got glimpses of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham yesterday and nearly fell off my seat laughing at some of his nonsensical scenes an here’s presenting the Top 5 idiotic scenes / moments / ideas from K Jo’s (how can he let people call him that!!) films. The boy is out of town and the mother has deserted me..I’m all alone at home..very boring books with me…so kindly excuse 🙂

5. Black beast: Remember the lame Black Beast joke from KANK…that was a movie I liked in pieces unlike practically the entire world that dissed it completely..this part was surely not something that I appreciated. It was extremely silly, immature and not even funny. Forget the childish concept even the way it was shot was unnessarily dramatic and embarrasing.

Interlude: Sorry for the interruption but as I type this and mindlessly surf channels, came across this on MTV…hold your breath…a “Flirt with Karan Johar contest”…seriously I’m not lying..

4. Kantaben and homophobia: Perhaps one of the first times a gay relationship was touched upon in mainstream cinema…and what a fine screw up it was. That useless voice over singing Kantaaben when she swoons over each time when she catches Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan “doing bad stuff”, the Saif’s dad takes him to a strip club to “set him right” ..all of it probably would have been rib tickling 30 years back. Seriously.

3. “Its all about loving your parents”: With a by line like that I’m amazed that people actually went and watched that film in the theatre..

2. The cute I’m so smart kid: Someone ask that kid to shut up. Thankfully she hasnt been seen in the movies after that. The junior Anjali was such an annoying brat, a complete adigaprasangi, I use the Tamil word that describes her to the T. Since when did 8 year olds comprehend so much and want to play matchmaker for her dad…Such an unrealistic character..let me not start on the humour track featuring Johnny Lever and Farida Jalal please.

1. Jana Gana Mana: Muhahahahaha….the scene in K3G (again muahahaha)…where the anglicised kid does not sing Do Re Mi and instead along with his angrezi friends sings the Indian national anthem…muhahaha…had tears in my eyes after watching that…from too much laughing…there was even a controversy when the film released because people did not stand up when it played in the theatres. I’ve never seen anything more hollow and far fetched in a film..ever…muhahahaha!


5 Responses

  1. He he….K Jo movies are good timepass…. You can almost write a thesis on how ‘It is all about fooling the masses’.

    One part I can still remember is the train-separation-milan formula, ages old one but used in KANK….Everytime, one of the loving couple is in a train, and the other one is frantically running after him or her to prove his undying janmon-ka-pyaar, the train driver always stops at the next station, even if it is Siberia and LO! the couple are united in the train station. Has me rolling all the time!

    Good post! 🙂

    Thanks and LOL at ‘It is all about fooling the masses’ 🙂

  2. I swear each time I watch a hindi movie and then think why did I waste 3 hours on it when I could have been sleeping, or reading or drinking wine.

    But I really liked Jab We Met and before that , the kids and I watched Om Shanti Om. But you know whats funny, my kid’s favourite movie which they watched numerous times is Life Mein Khabi Khabi, it has Snajay Dutt as the Yamraj flying in car. MY kids loved that.

    PS:I realised my entire comment has nothing to do with K Jo. LOL

    There are some nice ones and some really horrendous ones!!

  3. Why on earth did was KG3 made? well, for me, to drool on Hrithik, apart from all the hamming he did, i thought he loooked hot in some scenes…! As I was watching the movie yesterday, it felt so antique, and Kareena was soo over top..was it a hit movie anyways?

    Yeah it made money!! But really it was over the top!! You just want to catch hold of Kareena and give her tight slaps across her face!!

  4. LOL! but i have to admit the precocious kids make me want to throw something at the screen…. rowdy style. i like ur top 5.

    Hehe! Thanks!

  5. I like your top 5. that black beast scenario was so lame tho’ I liked Kank – and that scene where rani wears the sado-masochist outfit???hello, she was the frigid one not AB’s baby…

    and yes, adhikaprasangi kids make me wanna hurl…something at them – like the one in cheeni kum. and wasn;t kajol OTT to the max in K3G? ok, gotta stop before my comment gets any longer.

    Ooh yes I forgot that whole SRK rubbing Preity’s face full of that goo and Rani’s whole whip drama!! Yikes that definitely deserves to be somewhere on the list!!

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