Been tagged..my first one 🙂 by Silvara. This is a good one for it calls upon me to put down what I’d have said to the person that I was at the beginning of 2007..with the benefit of hindsight!!

Dear Me from 2007

Spending the new year all alone in your apartment, watching the runs and re runs of Saddam Hussain’s execution is not the most ideal way of spending New Year’s Day huh? Don’t fret..its highly unlikely that this is going to happen anymore!

So 2006 was a dream year, after the disaster that 2005 was…one by one all the roadblocks and problems that cropped up in 2005, magically got solved or disappeared in 2006..issues with your dad that reached a peak in 2005 stabilised a bit, you finished your CA exams and how!!, you got that dream job and you settled down in Bombay and are managing beautifully making a point to all those naysayers…your relationship with KT has continued to blossom and this year was the most fun with all those weekends that he’d run away from Madras and come to spend with you…

Are you wondering how you’re ever going to be able to top 2006? Well in a lot of ways 2007 is going to be a landmark year for you…a great deal of life altering changes are going to take place..in 2 months, you’d get formally engaged and in August married!!!

Given your scant respect for all these elaborate ceremonies, all of this is going to cause a great deal of tension with you and your family, try not to get too acrimonious, just try and grin and bear it all..for they think in one way and you in another and the twain shall never meet…just as you get irritated by them…you are annoying them to no end as well 🙂

And before you know it you’re going to get the news that your transfer to Madras is going to happen and the whole Bombay adventure will end and when you go back home its never going to be the same again..you will never truly belong there..because everyone knows that its going to be a very temporary phase and you’re going to be off again…that’s going to cause a bit of heartbreak to the Cancerian in you..but yeah such is life..

On the work front things will go oh so well that you’re not going to believe it…you will be rated a top performer and that might just make you a few enemies at work…sad but true..

And yeah your wedding will arrive..you’re going to be this very beautiful  but sad and harried bride. A lot of unpleasant  things are going to happen and your perception and attitude towards people are going to change topsy turvy and you’re going to be this raging shrew like character and your wedding will be an experience that you don’t ever want to recollect. A bad chapter in your life that you’d want to tuck away forever. But yeah all of this is only going to bring you even closer to KT and you are going to start on this magical journey of being married. Its amazing how that bond that you two have only gets strengthened with time and with adversity..hold on tight to him and love him with all your heart for you really mean the world to him and you cannot begin to understand how much he cares for you!

You will actually set up house in Bangalore..I know it sounds bizarre and crazy but yeah..and you and KT will have the time of your lives buying furniture and painstakingly decorating your house…the results of which will really shock KT’s parents 😉

Oh yeah..you’re going to start blogging! Considering that you now only know blogs barely exist…you are going to make giant leaps from blog discoverer to silent reader to occassional commenter to writing your own blog and making baby steps towards forging relationships with other bloggers!!

So then brace yourself for another crazy year, its not going to be very smooth, but it will have its own moments of exhileration, ride out the tough moments and you will be happy eventually..The ride will be rough..but nothing that will really pull you down, you’ve seen far worse and have handled them really well, perhaps they’re there for you to be able to truly cherish the blessings that the year is going to bestow on you!


Me from 2008

 Oh and I’d like to pass this tag on to Chronicworrier and Childwoman


2 Responses

  1. heya!! great post 🙂 awww….why was ur wedding something u wouldn’t want to remember?

    anyways, all the best for 2008!!! 😀

    Thanks!! As regards the wedding..stuff that I was assured wouldnt take place happened…I was just caught unawares and it ruined it for me…I’d rather have fought about it earlier and sorted it out…but people just said ok initially and proceeded to do exactly as they pleased…

  2. Working on it. Give me time (read: atleast a month) coz I’m terrible at stringing thoughts together. 🙂

    Right I know how terrible you are at stringing thoughts together…:)

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