9:46 am: Pliss let them win..pliss let them win…pliss let no more wickets fall…pliss…

1:00 pm: Turning out to be an extremely competetive lead..can swing either way..Don’t give RP and Ishant Sharma too much time…so I guess target’s going to be three sixty something….Laxman’s broken his bat!!

Yikes dropped!!! Laxman survives…why couldnt that MS Dhoni have stayed some more?? Or Sachin or Saurav??

Ow no RP’s facing Lee!! …and survived..phew..

I’m sure Tait’s confidence levels are super high now….he was supposed to be the man to watch out for this game…now he’s been ignored for most part of the innings and has been brought on to take on tail enders!!

50 partnership and 400 run lead!! Go RP!! Ow and he’s gone!!! Good work nevertheless!!

Another 2 minutes for Ishant Sharma to come in and go? Aaah..Laxman decides to go instead…

413 to win…sigh…

End of day, the Aussies are 65 for 2…tomorrow we will know!!


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