Have no idea why but was suddenly reminded about a poem that I had read while at school…I didnt even¬†remember the poet’s name..just the first two lines, then did a google search and was really thrilled to find it! I used to really annoy my mom my deliberately reciting it in that sing song manner that a lot of kids use to recite poems…this poem really lends itself to that ūüôā

Ok I’m off to recite it to her again!!

By Hilaire Belloc

Matilda told such dreadful lies,
It made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes;
Her aunt, who, from her earliest youth,
Had kept a strict regard for truth,
Attempted to believe Matilda:
The effort very nearly killed her,
And would have done so, had not she
Discovered this infirmity.
For once, towards the close of day,
Matilda, growing tired of play
And finding she was left alone,
Went tiptoe to the telephone
And summoned the immediate aid
Of London’s nobel Fire-Brigade.
Within an hour the gallant band
Were pouring in on every hand,
From Putney, Hackney Downs and Bow,
With courage high and hearts a-glow
They galloped, roaring though the town,
“Matilda’s house is burning down”
Inspired by British cheers and loud
Proceeding from the frenzied crowd,
They ran their ladders through a score
Of windows on the ball-room floor;
And took peculiar pains to souse
The pictures up and down the house,
Until Matilda’s aunt succeeded
In showing them they were not needed
And even then she had to pay
To get the men to go away!
. . . . .
It happened that a few weeks later
Here aunt was off to the Theatre
To see that interesting play
The Second Mrs Tanqueray.
She had refused to take her niece
To hear this entertaining piece:
A deprivation just and wise
To punish her for telling lies.
That night a fire did break out-
You should have heard Matilda shout!
You should have heard her scream and bawl,
And throw the window up and call
To people passing in the street-
(The rapidly increasing heat
Encouraging her to obtain
Their confidence)-but all in vain!
For every time she shouted “Fire!”
They only answered “Little Liar!”
And therefore when her aunt returned,
Matilda, and the house, were burned.


Sick sick sick

This story really was way way too much for me to handle..but the only saving grace is that it ends well…sometimes one wonders whether we really live in the fricking 21st century.

Edited to update: 

 Wow and then this. Today seems to be the day of finding bizarre and shocking baby stories. 

So here’s the story from A to Z

Tagged by Lively.. here it is finally!!

A-Available? For what?
B-Best friend: KT of course
C-Cake or Pie? Cake
D-Drink of choice: The margerita from Tex Mex in Madras..yeah yeah non alcoholic
E-Essential thing used everyday: Err…toothpaste..what were you hoping for huh??
F-Favourite colour: A sunny yellow
G-Gummi bears or worms: Now unfortunately I have no idea what this means sorry!
H-Hometown: Madras
I-Indulgence: Perfumes
J-January or February: February…its a cool month..I mean which other month has the flexible number of days and all that jazz
K-Kids and names: None.
L-Life is incomplete without: KT
M-Marriage date: 23 Aug 07
N-Number of siblings: One brat younger brother
O-Oranges or apples: Oh oranges for sure…I’m off apples completely these days after the whole an apple a day practice I had while I lived alone in Bombay
P-Phobias: Of that a phobia??
Q-Quote: There’s nothing better than biting off more than you can chew and then chewing it anyway!!
R-Reason to smile: Hearing a favourite song suddenly out of the blue that is without my playing it myself
S-Season: Bring on the summer I say, though I daresay I would love the spring if I actually had an opportunity to experience it!
T-Tag three people: Whoever wants to take it up…everyone seems to have done this!
U-Unknown fact about me: Hmm now that kind of would defeat that purpose right..
V-Vegetable you do not like: Bhindi
W-Worst habit: I am extremely unforgiving, I am known to take an extreme dislike to people who do me harm
X-x-rays you have had: Chest
Y-Your favourite food: Rasam sadam from the mommy’s kitchen
Z-Zodiac: Cancer


The next time someone tries to pass off shopping and mall hopping as a girlie thing send them to me. KT was in Bangalore last week and in between meetings dropped in on the Marks and Spencers outlet and bought 4 shirts. All of them blue. Ok one has stripes and is more of the Friday dressing variety…but the others….you can use them to demonstrate to an art class the subtle differences in shade. And one was a size 46…much too big for the 42 sized nutcase that I have for a husband.

Now what with our furniture buying soon after the wedding, the holidays we have taken, we have nice huge credit card bills to pay off so we are going tight on buying clothes and shoes and that kind of expenditure. And I happen to be more the worried kind with respect to our finances while KT isnt really highly concerned. Well he earns quite a bit, but we spend quite a bit too on home loans and with the above mentioned spate of expenditure to boot. So I’m the one constantly reminding him to play it down right now when it comes to spending on stuff that we normally wouldnt bother about.

KT is in Bangalore today again and guess where he chooses to go in between meetings?

Will replay our conversation.

KT: Guess where I am (cheeky chuckle)

Me: Hmm M&S???

KT: Wow, yeah..I’ve seen two shirts that I will buy with my next month’s salary.

Me: Oh really…good.

KT: Yeah, they’re superb shirts

Me: Yeah I’m sure…how much??

KT: One is 800 odd and another 1800 odd

ME: Ok..

KT: Yeah…

(notice, this conversation is going no where!)

Me: So why exactly are you telling me this now??

KT: Just like that..

Me: Really…you sure???

KT: Yeah (then starts laughing like a kid caught doing something forbidden)

Me: Why are you laughing??

KT: Because I know what you’re thinking..(still laughing)… I’m not asking you if I can buy them…really…

Me: Because you know what I’m thinking!!! I’m not thinking anything…ok bye.

KT (Mishears it as ok buy!): What! You sure??

Me: What do you mean You sure??¬†I said BYE…

KT: Oh! But the shirts may not be there next month!

Pah!!! Unfortunately I know you fairly well…and such a thinly disguised attempt!!?? Better luck next time buddy!

Oh and before you think I’m the purse stings controlling bitchy wife, I asked him to take his call…and decide whether he really wanted the shirts! Can hardly dictate terms to the boy who earns twice my salary can I??!!

 Edited to update:

KT came home empty handed and before I could get all mushy and adoring he announced that he was going off for a late night movie with a friend. At which point I did the katti with him and went back to my book.

Resurfacing again

Ok here’s the update on my earlier post, didnt want to edit that one.¬† As Chandni put it I didnt want to let my prejudices /judgements to cloud my what I had to say to D. It was very clear that she wanted my help…she has no other friends or siblings.

So I decided to get her to elaborate on what she meant by A’s sister / family separating them…here’s what came out. Now while A knows that D wants to move mainly because of his sister the family clearly doesnt. And while A knows, he isnt willing to accept the argument. Yes they have talked…a lot about all the issues..fought…everything. And A knows that his sister’s behaving very badly but isnt willing to do anything drastic about it…because she is the baby of the family and he doesnt want to incur his parents’ wrath by openly supporting D and against her. So the bottom line here is that he doesnt think she is reason enough for A to get out.

Now D earns more than A. So when the whole Bombay idea was floated A’s family has been telling him that she is acting smart because she earns more than him, that her career is more important than him, that he should have married a stay at home girl,¬† a girl not too educated yada yada…Now that is very unfair because just 2 months back she turned down an offer from a company from Singapore because of A. She is now doing this mainly because of A’s sister and of course it she got a good job in the bargain.

So she is scared that A (who refuses to accept this truth) may get brainwashed when his parents and sister keep harping on the career being more important aspect and turn against her. When I told her that A would most probably be above all this, she said no there are moments he has felt this way before. And she reminded me that there was a point in time when A questioned her money spending and claimed that he was spending more money because of her insistence of living in Gurgaon and her unwillingness to stay in Delhi which would work out cheaper (both of them have offices in Gurgaon). So these undercurrents have been there and now she is scared that they will get full blown.

And her mind is made up she is moving to Bombay. Without A. And A’s parents are planning to move to Delhi. A will try and get a transfer in 6 months. I now feel this is actually a good thing. If their marriage can survive these 6 months, it will last their lifetime and I will be happy for D. If it doesnt survive these 6 months then she for sure is better off without him and its better now than later.

Resurfacing to breathe

Well I’m still neck deep in work…more and more seems to accumulate and I have a tag and a follow up post pending. But I’m doing neither and will instead write about an issue that has been simmering for a long time now and yesterday I was left fuming with the situation..

My friend D, the one I¬†mentioned in passing¬†earlier¬†got married two years back. She a Tamilian¬†met and fell in love with a Punjabi guy A. Complete recipie for disaster right from the word go..her parents were ok with the whole deal, his were not. They tried everything under the sun to stop the match..saying that she was too dark (I swear she is not, not like it matters but still), their horscopes don’t match, the astrologer said that A would die if they went ahead and got married, the marriage wouldnt last…every nasty thing possible was hurled at the poor girl. Now she is a perfect being, a senior from school, she was really someone I looked upto…she was really intelligent, excellent vocalist, great at sports, complete grace in handling herself..she was the complete package.

For about a year they kept yo yoing with the marriage thing…I tried talking her out of it for I don’t know what reason but I was really uncomfortable with her boyfriend. Finally they agreed and the wedding was fixed in lightening speed before A’s parents could change their minds and the wedding happened. A was working in Madras then and D was based out of¬†Delhi in a job that involved extensive travel. A lived in with a room mate and D lived with her aunt in¬†Delhi when she was there and her parents of course were in Madras. As the wedding took place really soon, they didnt have time to plan out how they were going to sort out their careers. So here they were married, headquartered in different cities and no clear plan as to what their future course of action would be. A’s parents fired the first salvo and said that they couldnt live in Madras…because she didn’t want her son to fall under any more evil Southie he had to find a new job…it made sense to choose Delhi because she was anyway working out of there. This though was fairly sick was still acceptable. Then came the bigger staying in D’s parents house when D was working out of her Madras office. Now A as I said earlier was living with a room a two bedroom house, with just one attached bathroom. So these newly weds lived with another guy in the a room that had the bathroom attached to it…

Then there were digs and taunts, A’s dad never spoke to D…loads of bitchiness on the whole.

But they managed to sort out their jobs, both of them moving jobs based out of Gurgaon. There was an uneasy calm…but I could get a sense that A..who swore his undying love, who fought valiant battles against his parents was changing..bit by bit.

Now a fresh crisis has taken over. A’s sister has gotten herself a job in Gurgaon and is living with them. What’s the big deal you ask? Well the sister hates D (yeah a 25 year old), doesnt speak to her, doesnt do a spot of work in the house, wants to be lorded over, cooked for, driven around the place, won’t sit in the same table as D, will leave her used sanitary napkins lying around the place, basically causing hell for D. Now D has decided that enough is enough and refuses to put up with her anymore. She can’t get the sister out of the house, so she has decided switch jobs and move cities. A recently changed jobs so he cannot follow her. He cannot ask his sister to behave and he cannot ask her to get out..she earns a good salary and can for sure support herself. So D has found herslf a job in Bombay and A has told her that he can get a transfer in 6 months. So in the middle of salary negotiation and finding a place in Bombay I received a call from D.

She is not too sure she wants to move now. She is sure that she does not want to live under the same roof as A’s sister, but at the same time she has doubts….Those words sent a chill down my spine..I knew all was not rosy, but this?

“Pirichidivalonnu bayama irikku”

(Translated “I’ m scared they’d plot to separate us”)

These words have been echoing in my ears since yesterday. Here are highly educated people, people who have graduated from the cream of educational institutes in India, people working in top companies in the world. And the girl is scared of leaving her husband alone with his sister and perhaps parents because she is worried that they’d break up her marriage. I was too stunned to react to this and tried chiding her by telling her that A isnt a baby and is fully capable of making his decisions and holding his own..and she replied saying that I didn’t know how guys can change around their parents and family.

I mumbled something and ended the conversation there. My heart goes out to her…my first instinct was to think¬†that if you can’t trust your husband enough to leave him around his family for six months, you’re better off without him..what kind of a marriage was this? But I really didnt want to say anything to her because I have spent a large part of my adult life telling my mother that she should have gotten a divorce early on in her life and always grew up thinking that if a guy were to hurt me in any way I was booting him out of my life, so much so my brother would joke that it would be a wonder if my marriage lasted 10 days…all this was before I met KT. All of this was playing in my head as I was talking to her and I wasnt sure if that instinct was resurfacing in me or whether I was thinking correctly, so I really didn’t want to say anything before examining my feelings.

Spoke to KT about it, now he has had very limited interaction with the two of them, we stayed one night with them in Gurgaon and needless to say D came out in flying colours in KT’s opinion and A flunked out miserably…the scene that played out there was right out of some 10 years ago…D cooking breakfast / lunch /¬†juice , serving¬†it to the great man who was sunning himself in the balcony reading his newspaper. Even KT felt queasy and¬†offered to help. It was very very awkward to¬†say the least.

When I ¬†told KT what she had told me, he reacted in the exact same manner as I did and wants me to tell her that she is better off without A. Now D doesn’t have any other friend as such and I’m the only one. I know I need to give her my honest views, tell her how I feel…but is this crossing the line? I for one am not candid with her regarding my problems, so is that guilt holding me back from telling her what I feel. Or is it not my business at all? Should I go ahead and tell her? Is she asking me in order to hear from another person what she fears? I am really torn and am not sure how I need to handle this..suggestions please..


If you could choose to be really intelligent but not good looking or really good looking but not intelligent what would it be and why?