Back for a bit

So we’re back from our little holiday..and we had the time of our lives!! We’ve fallen in love with Singapore and are actually considering working there for a couple of years!!

Langkawi was lovely and scenic..a tad hot but very beautiful!! There…I’m way too lazy to come up with a detailed blow by blow account of our trip but I think I will pick out the little moments that made the trip that much more memorable than the beaches and the night safari!!

The cutest moment of the trip for me was something not too connected with our travel directly! The hotel reservations were made in my name..SM…and everyone insisted naturally on calling us Mrs and Mr M…thinking that KT was the “M”!! We didnt bother clarifying it stuck…and KT picked up the phone to call our cab and said, “This is M speaking, can you please come down to pick us up!!”. Now I don’t know too many men that are happy letting their wives keep their original names…much less those who’d announce themselves using their wives’ surnames!! 🙂

There’s something to watching crabs in the sand, the dipping sun the distance bathing the whole in its warm colours hues and holding hands…

Its a lot of cheap thrills to make out on an absolutely empty beach…not so much though when you realise you can’t take it forward as there’s no place indoors to rush to for more than being prudes there are dozens of crabs in the beach!!

I found shoes that fit!!

We tried a whole bunch of Chanel and Dior perfumes and rejected them because I didnt like the fragrance rather than the fact that they were really expensive!! KT thinks it was a conspiracy on my part in order to avoid spending the money…but I swear I didnt like them and then I got sick with all the smelling and just wanted to get out of there!!

KT insisting that casurina was actually casunary and both of us laughing at the other for getting the word wrong and the look on his face when he realised that I was right!!

Sneaking in marble cake from the breakfast buffet and stashing it away into my bag for that mid morning snack!

KT had trouble with his blackberry and he wasnt connected to gtalk through his phone…so no perennial pings and email alerts…to his credit he didnt pick up calls even….so he was mine entirely!!

KT calling me up as he was driving away after dropping me off at work when we got back to say that he’d miss having me around the whole time very much….that was the cliched Mastercard priceless moment!

Oh and I say back for a bit because I’m off to Mauritius on an office offsite for three days…get off on Thursday evening and am back Monday morning… 🙂 …I know!!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a beautiful trip – it’s been many years since I went to Singapore – def want to go there soon. Living the jet setter life…I envy you….want to travel so much!! The family is actually thinking about going to Mauritius at the end of the year for a family holiday and I was getting so excited when I realised that I most likely won’t be included :(:(:(

    Yeah Singapore was amazing! Till a year back for my north India was Bombay and I’d travelled a few places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and Bangalore…the last one year’s more than made up!! Oh and you and EVS are still part of the family!! Here’s the plan you go to Mauritius with them and you go on to South Africa..just the two of you…once you start work the money should flow in and phaps you can save up enough till then??!!

  2. sounds great!!! I am glad u had such a good time…hope u’ll share some photos when get the time…

    And off to Mauritus…well, some people have all the luck in the world!


    🙂 I only wish there was more of a gap between the two trips! And because most of my team sits in Bombay I’m flying up there first then south to Mauritius again…loads of flying ahead…but yeah not complaining too much!! There’s a farce of a conference for half a day..otherwise we’re on our own!

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