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Been tagged by Childwoman and I have to put down 10 things I miss in my life right now and 10 things I want in a decade:

10 things I miss (This is turning out to be tough..I guess I’m having a better life now!)

  1. Being around my mom all the time..
  2. My grandmom being this active energetic woman..her weak and fragile being is killing me.
  3. Being that gentle, non aggressive, smiling person ( I remember this autograph book of mine from school where everybody mentioned my ever smiling face and cut to the present when KT has suddenly after these years noticed that my eyebrows join in the center and has attributed this “sudden development” to my persistent frowning!!).
  4. Those wonderful weekends in Bombay when KT would make those “offical trips” and we’d spend some truly magical time…and he’d every time make a trip to Matunga to get my starved being a full fledged South Indian meal!!
  5. Jamming sessions that we had in college..practice for various competitions, there was so much more music in my life when I was in school and college before I got sucked into the corporate rat race..the bunch of us has scattered and though a couple of them still perform occasionally it won’t really be possible to regroup.
  6. That fantastic drive, energy and discipline I had as a teenager…its not like its all gone now….but then was awesome!!
  7. My mom’s cooking!!! I still havent gotten used to KT’s mom’s cooking and mine..haha!!
  8. That sense of anticipation of these tiny holidays that we used to take as children…to Madras from my town, to Kodaikanal etc….that excitement, the run up, everything…holidays are still fun and are looked forward to…but yeah one can’t help feeling all adult about it…I think that is an extremely unclear statement, but its definitely different!!
  9. “Food compatibility” with my brother…I cant remember the last time only me and him did dinner together. Growing up, we perfectly complemented each other, we’d order food that both of us loved and we’d share…being able to eat a bit of everything.  Our tastes were in perfect sync! With KT and me, it isnt as perfect…we share and all that but our tastes are very different, plus his appetite obviously isnt the same as a kid’s so sharing portions doesnt work out too well!!
  10. I’ve run out of stuff!! And that pleases me immensely!!!

Things I want to achieve and get within the decade

Okay as a person I’m fairly hard on myself and have very high expectations from me and my life..so here goes:

  1. An MBA…I desperately wanted to get an MBA post my graduation…but missed IIMs fairly narrowly and our finances did not allow me to take off a year and re do CAT..and took up the cheapest alternative CA!! But I’m sure this will be one regret I will carry to my grave…don’t want to spend out 2 years..so maybe ISB..or any good place that has a 1 year course…now being married and all that makes it tough..but KT’s perfectly fine about it..so we have to work out the when and the how…
  2. Make a trip to New Zealand!!
  3. Have one baby and adopt another. (KT remember if we end up having twins, Im divorcing you and leaving both both the babies with you!)
  4. Bring complete happiness to my mother…not the happy that her kids are doing well happy but for herself, of the selfish kinds…personal happiness if that’s a word…she’s had it tough for too long in her life…its high time the tide changed.
  5. A complete turnaround in my dad’s behavioural traits….I want him to life a good clean life….all his troubles affect us no doubt, but they kill him the most…this point is akin to wishing something from a genie…but miracles can happen huh?
  6. Learn to cook properly 🙂
  7. Get some music back in my life…take vocal lessons, pick up  my rusty guitar.. something!
  8. Write stuff in newspapers…so far I’ve written one article in the paper, Business Line and one more is in the pipeline..I need to do this more regularly and then become a columnist!!
  9. Regain that personality of mine…that original personality when I was that much more pleasant, less rude and less untrusting, less strung up and wary…and lose some of that touch me not quality in me!!
  10. Start that charity fund that KT and me have been talking about for a year now but havent done anything about…that needs urgent action…actually I need to do this post on that idea and get more ideas and find a way of working towards it.

Not tagging anyone as most people seem to have done this one anyway… 🙂

Must revisit this next year to track progress!! Had a good time doing this one as it was some good introspection!! Thanks Childwoman!!


4 Responses

  1. Lovely post, What i miss most and want most, is to be close to my mom forever and ever and ever. And i want everything for her, i want the world for her and only hope that my children feel the same way to me, as i do to my mom. But right now, all i want is my mom. There is no place like a mom’s lap and there is no cooking like mom’s :). I second you 100% that moms deserve the most and best of all 🙂

    Yes the best part is that you’re a mom and I get to be one someday! Yay! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. nice read.

    Its good to actually stop and think about how far u’ve come isn’t it?

    And I am glad u aren’t missing too much….life is good and I hope it continues to be that way!

    lots of love

    Yeah..the thing is its not as though everything is hunky dory..a lot of battles still remain, however when a few positive things happen you get the energy to deal with the not so positives..I do hope it continues to be this way!

  3. hey nice blog here…got here thru Silvara’s.Keep churnin!!

    Thanks a ton and welcome here!

  4. Enjoyed your post

    Thanks! Please do leave your url next time 🙂

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