Brown girl in the ring

Mauritius is beautiful…it is the most beautiful beach town that I’ve seen..better than Goa, East Coast of TN, Bali and Langkawi. I have never seen such a blue sea and better still so many shades of blue all at one time ranging from an inky blue to an emerald green…the water so clear you can see right through..and the never ending sugarcane plantations, the green rolling plains stretching endlessly…

Much fun was had kayaking and pedal boating though I skipped an underwater walk because I don’t know swimming! I have returned looking like a burnt brown crisp…should I seek a marriage body will marry me 🙂

Well its now time to hit the books and the work in full earnest…books for my CFA Exam that I will have to give in June…Level 3 is not going to be a joke and it involves essay answers (yikes..when was the last time I hand wrote even a paragraph 😦 ). On the work front I received my mid year appraisal where I was told that I had a positive attitiude, good technical skills, but I need to work on my business development skills. Now the thing is someone my level is not expected to do any BD work at all..but given that I demonstrated the whole positive attitude / technical skills last year itself, the expectations are higher and BD has now fallen upon frankly I have no clue how I go about this, no manager to turn to for guidance and if I want the top rating again this year, I really need to buck up and get my act together…just fulfilling my basic goals simply wont do…so God help!!


7 Responses

  1. “I have returned looking like a burnt brown crisp…should I seek a marriage body will marry me” – u never sent me notice!

    🙂 Just a small check to see if you actually read my blog or whether you just nod your head because of all the coercion!

  2. Good luck, give it your best and it will give you the best!

    (Oh, that little texty trick was so cute 😀 )

    Well well you’re a poet and you didnt even know it!! Not highly original but still!

  3. Oh dont u worry sure ul do well…right now I have BD as one of my responsib..and i suck at it 😦
    So during annual reviews I know one area of my work which is going to come under some flak!!!

    All the best u..

    Hey! Welcome! Yes BD’s nasty esp when you don’t have that natural flair for it 😦

  4. Oooh….sounds like it was heaps of fun 🙂

    I am sure you will do just fine – seek the highest, aim for the highest and you will reach the highest 🙂

    Yes yes that’s what’s happening…seeking the highest and upping the BP 😦

  5. GDS, a pretty neat blog you’ve got here. All the best for the CFA exams. I wish I had the conviction to go ahead with taking up things without having a second thought! And oh, that was about doing PG 🙂
    Good to know you in Bangalore…


    Oh I am pretty much the nerd child!! But what do you want to get that PG in..and just go for it!! Sometimes just the thinking too much can hold you back!!

  6. Oh yeah, i need to just GO for it. But I’m not able to decide if it has to be an MBA or MS! It’s all so confusing.

  7. March ahead!!!! 🙂

    I have no idea why this reminded me of that ominous saying “Beware the ides of March” 😦

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