Been swamped with work…an information overload and too many looming deadlines! This is what comes after too much chilling out!

So V Day came and went and the only action with respect to it was to get a friend of mine a gift for him to give his fiancee!

Been a Hillary supporter so far…something just on a whim, not backed by any reasoning, but then watched an Obama speech and was floored, guys seems very idealistic but I liked him! So henceforth Obama it is!

I’m seriously considering joining a short course like Art of Living or yoga or something..need to get back some calmness in my life..let me see how that goes. Or I need to get some physical exercise at least. Something that will give me a change from the home and work.

My weekend looks like its going to be work filled..execution of my assignments, BD research and I need to complete that article I was writing.

Will run off and get cracking..


3 Responses

  1. You sound so much like me right now! The same is the state of mind. Need to work during weekends and no personal time! Want to start exercizing but too lazy.
    Is it blog-contagious?

    🙂 Calls for that weeny bit of discipline that is soooo difficult to garner!

  2. I am so swamped with work too. Then why is it that I am spending time doing tags on my blog?? WHY??????


    A yoga class sounds good. Might also be helpful in learning to handle stress.

    BTW – your tag? Done!! Come see 😛

  3. Discipline?! Even the remote mention of the word makes me feel ashamed. No, really. I’ve forgotten what it means.

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