If you could choose to be really intelligent but not good looking or really good looking but not intelligent what would it be and why?


18 Responses

  1. I would choose to be intelligent. It is much needed to survive in this world and make your own ways & rules.

  2. I’d wanna be intelligent. I strongly believe that looks are immaterial. It’s how one carries oneself that makes a cutting difference.
    Besides, one yearns for what one doesn’t have 😦

  3. Of course the former! It’s coz looks can be honed easier than intelligence. Not to belittle the importance of looks, but I believe the world still is charmed by what’s there between your ears, and I don’t mean the eyes! 🙂
    Both are workable and attainable though…

    Thanks for dropping by at my site 🙂

  4. I’m alrealy really intelligent and not good looking 🙂 No difficulty in choice there!

  5. that’s “already”

  6. Intelligent and not good looking – i think ur brains will take u further in this world than your face or body….

    besides beauty fades and then what r u left with??? 😛

  7. Intellegence of course!!!!

    First of all, I don’t really care about looks…mine or any one else’s for that matter. I believe after a certain age, everyone will have the same grey hair and the same wrinkles…

    Its what’s inside that matters!

  8. you r tagged. I’ve added you to my blog. Hope you dont mind! 🙂

    And why pray would I mind!! Will take up the tag…but please give me some time??

  9. @ All: Thank you all so much for your comments…will do a follow up post on why I asked this rather obvious question once I am able to find my way out of the mounds and heaps of work!

  10. no follow up post?

  11. (It’s Suki)
    If you mean physical features… I’d take intelligence every day.
    But if you mean “good looking” as a reflection of one’s good nature, I’d pick being good-natured over a high IQ in a heartbeat 😀 .

  12. Intelligence anyday… Like everyone else, I think beauty fades away ultimately but what takes you ahead are your brains!

  13. I’m neither, can I participate?

  14. I would choose honest 🙂

  15. One can work on looks ; but not on intelligence. Hence Intelligence any time !!

  16. Intelligence. If I was so smart, I’d be able to make people feel that it didn’t matter 🙂

  17. I’m both. can i choose a third 😕 P

    brains would be the politically correct answer.

    but if i had the looks and not the brains i’d still have that survival instinct most dumb beautiful women seem to have and latch on to a donald trump or something.

    win win situation huh?!

    Thankoo thankoo…now I am more enthu bout doing that follow up post!

  18. I agree with TMM. I would want to be really beautiful because somehow or the other I would develop survival insticts. How else are people like Aishwarya Rai surviving?

    Welcome here Aparna!! And thanks for that voice!!

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