The next time someone tries to pass off shopping and mall hopping as a girlie thing send them to me. KT was in Bangalore last week and in between meetings dropped in on the Marks and Spencers outlet and bought 4 shirts. All of them blue. Ok one has stripes and is more of the Friday dressing variety…but the others….you can use them to demonstrate to an art class the subtle differences in shade. And one was a size 46…much too big for the 42 sized nutcase that I have for a husband.

Now what with our furniture buying soon after the wedding, the holidays we have taken, we have nice huge credit card bills to pay off so we are going tight on buying clothes and shoes and that kind of expenditure. And I happen to be more the worried kind with respect to our finances while KT isnt really highly concerned. Well he earns quite a bit, but we spend quite a bit too on home loans and with the above mentioned spate of expenditure to boot. So I’m the one constantly reminding him to play it down right now when it comes to spending on stuff that we normally wouldnt bother about.

KT is in Bangalore today again and guess where he chooses to go in between meetings?

Will replay our conversation.

KT: Guess where I am (cheeky chuckle)

Me: Hmm M&S???

KT: Wow, yeah..I’ve seen two shirts that I will buy with my next month’s salary.

Me: Oh really…good.

KT: Yeah, they’re superb shirts

Me: Yeah I’m sure…how much??

KT: One is 800 odd and another 1800 odd

ME: Ok..

KT: Yeah…

(notice, this conversation is going no where!)

Me: So why exactly are you telling me this now??

KT: Just like that..

Me: Really…you sure???

KT: Yeah (then starts laughing like a kid caught doing something forbidden)

Me: Why are you laughing??

KT: Because I know what you’re thinking..(still laughing)… I’m not asking you if I can buy them…really…

Me: Because you know what I’m thinking!!! I’m not thinking anything…ok bye.

KT (Mishears it as ok buy!): What! You sure??

Me: What do you mean You sure??Β I said BYE…

KT: Oh! But the shirts may not be there next month!

Pah!!! Unfortunately I know you fairly well…and such a thinly disguised attempt!!?? Better luck next time buddy!

Oh and before you think I’m the purse stings controlling bitchy wife, I asked him to take his call…and decide whether he really wanted the shirts! Can hardly dictate terms to the boy who earns twice my salary can I??!!

Β Edited to update:

KT came home empty handed and before I could get all mushy and adoring he announced that he was going off for a late night movie with a friend. At which point I did the katti with him and went back to my book.


6 Responses

  1. ROTFL… I think most guys are a bit of spendthrifts. And oh I’m still giggling at those blue shirts. This is heights. :))
    Your life must be fun!

    Spendthrift is the word and impulsive also!! Yeah KT has a fine collection of blue shirts and maroon ties
    Life for sure is fun with the guy!!

  2. C’mon yaar Blue is a nice color and what can you do if you like 3 blue shirts πŸ˜›

    Waise it was sweet of him that he called you to ask before he spent ..was n’t it ? πŸ™‚

    You non shopoholics will never understand that chemistry behind shopping 😦


    Yeah what can you do indeed if you like three blue shirts especially since you have another 15 blue shirts in your cupboard.. πŸ™‚

  3. loved this one! K and M should meet.

    In M’s closet( I mean the meager portion allocated to him) is a row of shirts that simply look like the blue chips in a paint shop. All different hues and shades, simply a blueish blur:-)

    Bluish blur is correct…also many whites πŸ™‚ But yeah the boys can’t exactly stock up on the purples and the oranges can they!! And yeah…do you write a blog?? Please do leave a url if you do!

  4. Nope, sorry sweetie. No blog. Always a commenter, never a blogger:-)

    Discovered yours recently though and love it for how candid you have been in so many posts not to mention your your great sense of humour.

    Aha! How long have you been reading and commenting?? I was like that for about four months…and making up posts in my head…thinking about incidents and saying I’d have blogged about it..and then the bug bit me!!!
    And thanks for those words…I had no idea I was funny..I’m always the mopey piney one!!

  5. Blue is my favourite colour in the whole world, declares my husband. (And here I am, vehemently against the boy-blue/girl-pink sillyness.) He not only buys only blue, they are all also only of the striped variety. Even if two shirts are of the same design, if the stripes differ in width by 0.5 mm he will consider it ‘different’ enough to buy it.
    Apparently our men our afflicted with colour blindness (since they wear blue-tinted glasses and all..)

    Aha…the blues are fairly widespread I can see!!!

  6. lol @ “..42 sized nutcase ….” bit

    cant complain much abt the blue obession coz it has attachments with the first date sentiments with my fiance’ πŸ™‚ But me totally nodding on the guys choices of same shades, stripes n oh boy mine wants those plaids ALL the time.

    first timer…nice blog u have out here! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for stopping by and your nice words!

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