Been tagged by the gorgeous Silvara and here goes:

Eight things I am passionate about:

1. Reading: This is an understatement, put a book in my hands and I will lose myself in it and ignore pretty much everything that happens around me.

2. My work: You know when people say they are “intrinsically motivated” in their resumes and in general interview conversations, most people don’t really mean it especially those who work in finance related avenues (how interesting can it get huh?). But I do. I really find the work I do interesting that the need to do really well is very high.

3. The news: I know this sounds wierd but I am very very clued into what is happening around the world. I am normally the person who “breaks news” in office and at home after hearing it from a news channel / website of course.

5. Travel: Well till three years back, North India was Tirupati and South was Madurai, West was Munnar and East, Chennai. I’ve come a long way since then and sure have a long way to go, but yeah I really want to get around and explore the world!

6. Charity: Ive had some very tough times and had help when I needed it the most and look where that little push has taken me now. I am determined to return this favour and make a difference to a few lives at least. A plan is taking shape and should soon be implemented.

7. Music: I can sing and I started to learn to play the guitar..but somewhere down the line my acads overtook this part of me and I am determined to bring the music back into my life.

8. Decorating: I love collecting little curios and decorative pieces to leave around my house..another opportunity to do up a house is presenting itself and I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation!

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1. Travel around the world

2. Become a freelance journalist..write a column for one of those ugly fugly orange newspapers!

3. Adopt a child

4. Send my ma on a trip around Europe where she can take in all her beloved museums and churches!

5. Repay all my dad’s loans

6. Watch the Wimbledon

7. Get an MBA

8. Become important enough to be interviewed!

Eight things I say often:

1. I love you.

2. Yeah right!

3. What crap!

4. Yikes!

5. Asho!

6. “Are there any developments on the proposal we have sent you?”

7. Shut up!

8. That’s not fair!

Eight books I have read recently:

1. Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts

2. A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini

3. Kite runner – Khaled Hosseini

4. Storm in the sea wind – Srinivas Alam

5. An inheritance of loss – Kiran Desai

6. Brick lane – Monica Ali

7. A suitable boy ( re read the epic) – Vikram Seth

8. A fine balance – Rohinton Mistry

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Yesterday – The Beatles

2. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

3. Hero of the Day – Metallica

4. Don’t wanna miss a thing – Aerosmith

5. Anbe Sivam – Kamal Hassan

6. Roobaroo – Rang De basanti

7. Chiquitita – Abba

8. Romeo and Juliet – Dire straits

Eight things that attract me to my friends:

1. Humour / Wit

2. Honesty

3. Good conversation

4. Willingness to talk about books / music / cricket

5. Non whinyness (yeah I know there is no such word but you get the picture)

6. Non pushiness (ditto!)

7. Independence..I can’t understand people who need others to make decisions for them

8. Strong wills

Eight people I think should do this tag:

Damn this is sooo tough!

1. Chronic worrier (Har har!)

2. Cacophoenix

3. Lively

4. Lavs

5. Childwoman

6. J

7. Bluemist

8. The mad momma


11 Responses

  1. You know to play guitar??????? You are a Godess to me now. I’d love to learn to play a guitar. Someday.. probably.
    Will take it up shortly. The tag that is..

    Ah that makes me look like a huge fraud..not goddess…I can strum it and play a few chords..that’s it…I need to get much better at it!

  2. You’ve atleast started. Dont let go so easily. For me the starting bit itself is a hell of a job.

    😦 I started when I was in Class 7 and gave up classes pretty soon, occassionally pick up my languishing guitar and strum it!

  3. Aw…My very first Tag!! What can I say (Chokes back watery words)….You like news!!!! You must be my long lost-never-realized-I-had-one-twin…I am off to do my tag,….Lalala!!!

    Well I’m glad!! Yeah first the rhymes..now the news!! Dammit!!

  4. Nice post, sunshine. And did you cry when you read “kite runner” or is it only me:-) Love your to do list. Am sure you’ll get around to doing all of them and I hope esp. 3,4 and 5. All the luck!

    Ooh yes I did tear up…waiting to watch the movie now…and thanks for all the luck!

  5. oh forgot to add. I’m a news junkie too. All kinds is good but trivia is great. Am sort of the factoid queen around here.( which in itself is pretty useless but ratchets up my cool-with-it-ness:-)) And I act pretty smug when I’m the first to deliver the newz.

    Ah I wonder what will happen if you and I were to be put in a room together!! Breaking news from all the channels??!!

  6. Yipee, another tag my way…I shall take it up promptly…..


  7. Done the tag!!

  8. Hi Sunshine, thnx for ur kind words 🙂

    I’m a rookie photographer, who most of the times manages to mess up the photos. I’m not allowed to use the camera at home. messed up 1 reel of my kiddo’s snaps 😛 gotta get em a digicam soon.. 🙂 the header pic is a part of the “children” template available at finalsense.com

    Thats a tough tag lady, will do it soon 🙂

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  10. FInally done with the tag


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