I have three drafts sitting and am unable to finish them…tried writing a funny post..I couldnt find the humour in my own writing..the subject is funny I assure you…tried ranting and to put down what is bogging me down….couldnt find the words.

 My mind is in a whirl. My thought are like those little dust particles suspended in the air that seem to run helter skelter when you turn on a torch in a dark dark room. My head is swimming with a dozen thoughts. Incoherence. Loads of issues to resolve..nothing new, nothing earth shattering..but they’re there just the same. The mind feels weak, weary. Feels abnormal because I normally can control my thoughts. Need to get a grip and sort my head out. Being over worked is not helping. Have to work tomorrow..and that nice quiet weekend seems a distant dream. The poor boy is unwell and has been calling me home since 3 pm…its nearly 8 now…all the colleagues have gone out for dinner and I’m still stuck here. Will lug the laptop and leave now.

I’m already in need of a holiday 😦


4 Responses

  1. hang in there. You can take mini breaks dispensing TLC to the ‘boy’ and flirting with him from office:-)

  2. Oh Oh! I am sure everything will get sorted out soon and I hope “the boy” is feeling much better now!

  3. This will pass too… I’ll join you on that long holiday. I desperately need one! Or are you going with the ‘boy’? 😉

  4. I went through a similar time last month. I have just started reading your blog and love reading your posts. Hope you are back to spilling good day sunshine soon….all the best to you.:)

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