First this then this.

 From the looks of it, this is not going to be just another is going to be a rather huge melt down..sounds scary. And the decoupling theory looks like a fine joke. I wonder what the implications for me are…next year the bonuses will take a huge beating, people might just lose their jobs..being one of the better performers in the team, I don’t think I will get a pink slip. But if I am going ahead with the MBA plans…an admission might just get tougher because when the job market is in a slump, more people will flock to complete their education because the opportunity cost isnt too high…

Someone please get me a crystal ball! And for chrissakes please stop making a celebrity out of that Udayan Mukherjee.


5 Responses

  1. Who in the world is Udayan Mukherji?

    He’s the CNBC business news anchor..mainly on the markets and stuff…you seem to have been on a bloggy break??

  2. Miserable situation! I have barely any profits left:( ..not sure if this is the right time to buy either!

    Welcome here!!! I am incredibly sorry for not having replied to all your wonderful comments…but you really have caught me at a time when I am in such a blue funk!! Please do come back…I should shake out of this soon!!

  3. yeah yeah.. an unplanned and very sad break. Loads of work coming my way. So not much blogging happening.

  4. You should see the panic in wall street. I was shocked hearing the news of Bear Stearns buyout. Market is fluctuation big time. and guess what now they say its not a mere recession, they wanna term it depression, the one which happened after WWII

    Its crazy..everyone is shooting in the dark…makes analysts and the rest of the bunch like clowns!!

  5. hmm.. I didnt know Udayan was that famous 🙂 he’s a nice guy otherwise.

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