Saint Gobain moment

KT and I are the perfect brand ambassadors now for Saint Gobain.

 Rewind to the early part of 2005, I was in the office and walked straight into the glass doors. You know those cartoons where someone takes a fall and they have these little birds flying around their heads….I could actually understand that particular depiction then!! Considering that this was a head on collision and that the nose is the singularly biggest part of my body, it took the full impact. I nearly blacked out and managed to stagger into the washroom…I think I even lost vision for a split second…yeah again I understood the full import of the word black out!! Still in great pain I went back to my seat and the mean boys at the office including KT seemed to display more concern for the glass than my poor battered nose and head…and rushed to congratulate the office boy on the good cleaning job. I am the types that has a perennial cold and I sneeze at least 5 times in a i was in hell for 3 or 4 days till the pain disappeared…

Yesterday KT walked into glass and we’ve come a full circle…but in true Tamil filmy style (you know the you get wet in the rain, I catch a cold style) I had a headache too!! If this isnt love…what is??! 😀


One Response

  1. hahaha nice new idea of love! Wonder why they have such transparent glass doors at workplace where people frequently in and out. At times can be very dangerous if the person is in a hurry and is running.

    Seriously..but in my case it was the front doors…I guess I was really preoccupied!

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