To do or not to do

After much dilly dallying I have now decided to apply for B schools this year. My options are incredibly limited as I am looking out for a one year programme (as if one year isnt bad enough). I am still not able to articulate the reasons for my wanting to do an MBA…I know that fresh out of graduation my reasons were primarily that I wanted to get into corporate finance related avenues and that with only a CA that was going to be tough. However now that no longer holds good…I seem to have broken that glass ceiling and I in fact have a couple of I banking offers…so the job reason is ruled out. And after a point qualifications do not matter..the work experience is what counts and if I can do well as I seem to have over the last couple of years then there is nothing to stop me…

But one thing is for sure..if I don’t do this or at least make another attempt, I know that this is one regret I will have life long…if I make an attempt and don’t get in then that is a different ball game all together..however if I don’t even try then I don’t think I can make peace with myself. So this is going to be simply a following my heart call that I’m taking. The implications are huge…for one I’m going to be throwing a few people’s lives into disarray.

KT. Having gotten another house which will be ready in August we are now making steps towards living in our own home minus the in laws. An MBA will mean me moving out for a year and KT will be left to fend for himself alone. Which does not make any we have to figure out what he can do in that time…either he has to move back in with his parents or they will have to live in our house. Or KT moves to the place where I will be and find a job…now that doesn’t seem a very viable option because such a major move for just a year doesn’t seem worth it…what happens when I finish the course and find a job elsewhere. So that needs to be sorted out.

Money matters…we are now paying off two home loans, plus I’d need to get a student loan, plus there won’t be any earnings, plus no savings as of now. Plus my mother needs money on and off and I can’t help if I’m not earning, however one way out of this is that my brother will start to earn and I’m sure he’d be willing to help out if she is in need.

My ma..I will not be there if she needs my help or emotional support. A will not be based out of Madras also and hence she will be all alone. This bit worries me too because sometimes another head is required to sort out issues at home.

All this I need to think about even before the actual headaches like the entrance exams, school selections etc kick in…the good thing is that the self doubt has not kicked in…yet! Time is extremely short and I need to prepare…there is the issue of the CFA exam as well.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m being very selfish in wanting to do this. But I have the full support of all around me. KT of course is my sounding board and is fully willing to back me. My parents too have been the surprise package…I thought they might just resist now that I’m married and all and I am doing well enough without an MBA but they are completely with me on this. In fact my dad is very excited at the proposition!! Even KT’s parents know and don’t mind. I don’t know…I just hope I’m not making a mistake doing this…my heart tells me its the right thing to do…but my mind isnt too sure..


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  1. Gal! i think u shuld go…now weighing in the pros and cons…it will be difficult..but i guess u have an awesome support system…so why worry…there are people who have no support system but still pursue things that they want to do…

    so i guess u shuld..and if KT is ok then absly no looking back…all the best 🙂 * it did feal a little preachy so pardon me for that * 🙂

    Yes indeed the support system is incredible…which kind of worries me in the sense that I wonder if I’m being selfish!! But yeah thanks for endorsing what I feel…I am going to give it a shot!!

  2. A year isn’t really all that much sunshine and believe me it passes by in a flash( my 2 years of M.B.A did, so….) and its one more thing you can happily cross off your dream list right? So, go for it. The other stuff- it will all settle down, you’ll see:-)

    You guys are truly amazing..thanks for that show of support!

  3. In my opinion, when u feel its the right thing to do and have good family support, just go ahead and do it..Good Luck

    Thanks a ton!!

  4. I think you should take the leap and just do it. I want to do my PhD too, but somhow the stars aren’t aligning for me to take a step. Sometimes the best thing to do is follow your gut instinct, everything else will fall into place. All the best with the whole process..You have our support too 🙂

    Thanks for the support!! Really appreciate that!

  5. Going for an extra degree is no harm but you have to first make sure what are you expecting after the MBA? Will you job profile change, will you like the change. How much monetary benefit will it bring to your household. Look at your cash flow for the next one year and make sure you and KT will be comfortable with the situation.

    Yikes its these rational questions that upset me!! Frankly I only want a good brand name on my CV!! The job profile won’t change..I don’t want it to, perhaps my expectation is to get access to bigger and better companies..a private equity fund perhaps? And regards the monetary angles, the kind of schools I’m considering will for sure bring me a decent amount…but what worries me is the immediate short term cash flow…we can manage but will be a bit tough…but I guess we’re ready to make those sacrifices!!

  6. if ur looking at one year programme Great Lakes is a good option, some of my pals did their MBA there and are well placed.

    Hi Praveen..welcome here…curious to know how you found me! Great Lakes is a good option no doubt..but the thing is would it add value to my resume? I am a CA and have a job where I work among IIM grads…perhaps for fresh graduates…not too sure it would help me much…I’m looking more for the brand name of a good B school rather than the degree..

  7. oh Hon, hope u feel better soon.

    When I have similar thoughts,,,,I just do a SWOt…try it!

    Yeah I am much better now… 🙂 The SWOT is what is troubling me!! Its more a cost benefit analysis that is going to ultimately drive my decision….and I’ve more or less now decided Im going to go for wish me luck!

  8. Hi well then u have a point…brand name surely matters in business, well then good luck for CAT. Honestly I am wondering how I landed up here, I guess I caught up with ur blog link from ur comment on some other blog. Read some of ur posts and loved it…keep going.

    Getting 7,064 hits within a span of 6 months is something nice…good luck.

    Thanks a bunch.. 🙂

  9. Go with what your heart says. We are rooting for you!!

    Thanks!! Sometimes that external endorsement really helps!

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