Cult classics!

Worked under high pressure conditions to send off a deliverable and then finally got a chance to breathe…wanted to listen to some music and the first song that came to my mind was this!

Pliss to enjay and hey am going to take a poll here…what is your favourite…all time favourite friends moment?? Please do leave in your comments…oh and did I tell you I have the whole set…all seasons on dvd??!!


3 Responses

  1. oh god, this is difficult.

    Just can’t think of one!

    I know…but you can put up any of them…go on do it!!

  2. Woow…..just one song is difficult…and I so want to buy that DVD set!! FRIENDS is my favorite sitcom

    Now I know what to gift you when I meet you!!

  3. For a friends fan.. this was the biggest invite 🙂

    I mean I can list loads and loads of moments..
    Like the one where phoebe tries to behave like the pigeon, and joey keeps searching in the cafe,
    most of chandlers one liners.
    One where the gang watches rachel and monica’s prom video
    so many…

    Nice!! Finally I get some response! Think I will do a detailed post on this when I finally find some time

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