What I would mostly like to do now is:

– Chuck the laptop and the five assignments that are looming

– Tear up those nasty CFA material looking crisp and untouched on my side table

– Throw away worries of ratings, bonuses, promotions into the air

– Ditch all my cares and worries

– Get rid of that mild incessant headache

…and float away somewhere far away…a little village somewhere…a mountain top…an island far far breathe in the fresh air and not feel closeted with the whole world closing in..I want to dream and not worry about deadlines and things to do…I want to tear up that “To Do” a book, sip a cold drink (Is it the heat I wonder?), listen to some soft music..My eyes hurt from staring at a screen or a book continuously (eye check up due?). Or is it the head? I think mostly that a break is due.


11 Responses

  1. There there, hold my hand. We both are in the same boat. Plan a holiday and I’ll chuck my work and accompany you. Awright now smile 🙂

    Teehee…I wish I could do just that!!

  2. Time for a vacation wit KT 🙂

    Ah unfortunately not possible now 😦

  3. Try this. Get off the comp, stretch, sit (or if possible lie down), shut your eyes for five minutes. Think about something that makes you smile. Feel your body relax, focusing from the head to the toes. Stay like this for five minutes. Breath slowly. Now make yourself a cup of light, green tea. Don’t think about the work, enjoy well earned ten minutes of relaxation. Stretch again. Smile. I hope this makes you feel better 🙂

    Thanks I did it and it does feel good…no green tea for me though..I’m a coffee drinker!

  4. Wow!! This is so weird!! You sound like me five months ago ……. I was actually in the same mood … and the same situation …. even had five assignments and cfa exams ……. so i chucked everything … did 1 assignment, resigned a few days before I was supposed to get a raise ….. withdrew my name from the cfa exam …. and five months later ….. 4 assignments still pending …. no headache (except from the usual hangover) ……

    My point is …. it was all worth it!! …….

    Ohmigod!! You’re kidding me!! Unfortunately I don’t think I’m in a position to do the stuff that you have done!!

    And, please don’t kill me 😛 😛

  5. hehe know the feeling…. try and get outside if theweather is good 😀

    But yes – To Do lists can be very evil 😛

    Dark evil! Worst is when you go to tick off stuff and you find yourself writing in stuff and ticking off stuff rather than ticking off what was existing in the first place!

  6. so why wait :)..
    I am with you with tearing up the to do list part ..hehhe I mean I know we end up doing the work later, but the happiness of tearing the list is something amazing lol.

    btw totally apologize for misunderstanding your comment.

    I did tear it up..for the weekend at least!!

  7. Go ahead and take that break! I am sure it will help you. Try going to a quiet place, not necessarily needing too much fo travel but maybe one or two hours away from the city yet seeming eons away from the city. If you are in bangalore, then I would suggest Bheemeshwari, if in Mumbai then Matheran. A two day break will really rejuvenate you.

    I am in Madras…and yeah last weekend I just slept and slept and slept!! Feeling better 🙂

  8. What are you waiting for? pack your bags and go hitchhiking or lie on the beaches of Goa or come down to NY we can both roam the country.

    Hehe I wish!!

  9. I got a better idea…read my miserable blog..! 🙂

  10. I meant that after reading my blog, you might feel better. Sorry, its really a bad joke!!! 😛

    Ow don’t say that 😦

  11. erm, Beatles Fan? 🙂

    But of course!! 🙂 And welcome here!

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