What I’ve been upto


Studying (or rather trying to)


err..did I say working?

Having headaches

Trying to grab 10 minutes with my parents / grandma

Watching cricket (Oh I went and watched a match live)

And that means no time to blog…its going to be like this for another month at least. Got a couple of must write posts and a tag to complete…Life is pretty much a big working mess…and oh there’s a Hong Kong trip coming up before my exam as well…so I really need to make some ground with regard to my studying else I’m going to lose loads of money..Even making rotis every morning seems like a drag on my time…so sadly the blog has been neglected…I am simply not able to cope with the demands on my time…think I need 48 hour days 😦 ….or I just need to curl up and go to sleep for like ever.


4 Responses

  1. Wow you have a big day every day…gurl get some rest also…..all the best for your exams.

    Thanks!! Its crazy…its 11 30 now and I’m still at work 😦

  2. Ah! Now I know you’ve been crazily busy all this while. I was wondering if you forgot the password to your wordpress account. Okay that was pathetic for a joke. Anyway I hope you do get some 5 mins free time every once in a while to say hi to us friends. Err.. we are, aren’t we?
    All the best for your exams and I’m sure you r no way gonna lose your money. And yay for the Hong Kong trip. Can you pls take me along, I’m bored here.

  3. Curl up & sleep for 10 hrs at a stretch..that’ll teach the headache a lesson.

  4. Came to tell you that you have been tagged! But looks like you are having too many hard days… take care and all the best for your exams…
    pls do the tag whenever you find time to blog…

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