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There is an orphanage right next to my apartment, now this is a big bungalow that houses girl children who have been orphaned or belong to very poor families that can’t afford to keep these girls..brings back memories of The Kite Runner, but the impression I got is that the girls are reasonably happy as these circumstances will allow.

Run by nuns, the home provides these girls with good shelter and food and stability that must be lacking in their homes. There is a corporation school nearby and I’ve seen the girls in that uniform. I’ve noticed an easy camaraderie between these girls, the older ones help the younger girls comb their hair, at studies. Once one of the girls received an electric shock and the whole house panicked and ran to the girl, she was fine, but I was touched with the concern that everyone seemed to have, it was not that everyone ran out of curiosity or to gawk, but the worry came through..Every now and then they’d have visitors, people celebrating their birthdays, New Year, Christmas..bringing these girls food, cake and other goodies. Diwali brought them exceptional pleasure and they went berserk bursting crackers.

Once a girl was taken away by her parents and she cried her heart out..and she begged them to leave her was heart rending, watching them cry and the child cry. I was left with this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and I really hoped she was safe, I don’t know why but I was left hoping that these parents were going to be good to the kid, was she going to be taken off school to work or beg or worse..Or were they genuinely missing the child and had come to take her away and was the girl crying because she was going to miss the relative comforts of the home, her friends…

I think of that little spunky girl with short hair and her knee length pavadai. The one who received a burn while bursting crackers. The one who’s forever running around, climbing the roof and always in a flurry of activity. The one who I took one look at and asked myself, if I were to adopt a girl like her would I be able to love her like she was my own. The one who convinced me that I could. 

And oh they also had this cage with little birds…creating a non stop din. Waking up in the middle of the night you could hear them, why at any point in the day you could.

KT’s ma has gone down there and chatted with the nuns and the girls..I’ve never done that, I really don’t know why

Well they moved today. Bundled out all their belongings, the girls, the birds and have moved. Turns out that the bungalow is going to be torn down and a new bigger multi storeyed building built in its place…to accomodate more girls, a prayer hall and the works. I can’t help but say a prayer thanking that good soul who left this bungalow to the charitable trust..instead of selling it out to some developer, this in a prime area as well.  They’ve moved to a temporary place where they will stay till such time this construction is completed.

Yet I feel oddly filled with emotion, the air is silent now. No sound of the girls chattering, running around, saying their prayers, no birds creating a din. The lights are out and all I can see is the dim outline of the building and the trees. Oddly the bird cage is still here. KT looks at his foolish wife and pats her head and says they will be back soon. For me it cannot be sooner. Till then I can live in the belief that they are indeed in good hands and that they will be safe.


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  1. May be you can go visit them wherever they ve shifted for now, and tell them you missed them. I bet it’d make them feel real good. I would, if someone told me so. If it makes you feel better, do it.
    God bless the kind heart who left behind the building for these girls to inhabit.

    Yeah I must do that…will go and track em down!

  2. What a lovely post! wonderful thoughts! Hope indeed that they are in safe hands and they come back soon to newer, better facilities

    Thanks! Yes I do hope so too!

  3. nice to see such helpful people who end up helping people long after they are gone

    Oh absolutely! That property would have fetched some Rs 4-5 cr I think

  4. Thank god!! For a min I thought you were saying bye 🙂

    Beautiful post, GDS!

    Hehe not me!!

  5. Loved this post! Loved reading the description of their home, their lives…keep us updated 🙂

  6. What a great post….oh they will be back soon. To a bigger and a brighter place. The orphange I volunteer in has lots of toddler baby girls and its so amazing to watch older girls take care of them. No blood relation, no previous connection, but bond is so strong and tight, it makes me believe in humanity again and again. Go and meet the girls. See thier world and life. It will make you appreiate yours more. My girls are my stress buster!!

  7. and can you acces my blog? if not, then I need just your username to add you in.

  8. A post? I dont know it might sound boastful…but I have it mentioned in my earlier posts I think, not too sure… Its just something I like to do and feel very strongly about. I go there to help out the authorities with admin work, or buy things, at times help out with accounts,. Teach the girls, play with them. Take them out for fairs or a movie or a musuem. Just do things, we would normally do for our kids or for ourselves…

    Aw it for sure won’t sound boastful…I don’t think so..I had this very fantastic idea once on volunteer sounded a little impractical..maybe will blog about it to try and get some responses on it!

  9. That’s such a great post – I wish we could all do more to help them and I’ve always wondered bout who exactly these children are – perhaps not those little girls, but any child who has been abandoned.

    I agree – when they come back – give them a visit and find out….

    Yeah and the associated trauma of abandoning a child…but here its not only abandoned girls, its also girls who’s parents cannot afford to keep them so send them here for a better lifestyle and stability..which is good in one way..but sad in another

  10. read this post just today, though you wrote it a few days back and i must say i really liked this post…
    let us know when the girls are back,k?


    Sure will do …will take at least a year I think

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