Spilling some beans

Was tagged centuries ago by Never Mind and Lively to reveal 10 secrets. Im modifying this a bit to include certain little known facts about me..

1.  I don’t like the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I took the books up with great deal of enthusiasm, borrowing all three at one go and The Hobbit as well. Didnt go past 10 pages. I don’t understand it, I usually have a high level of tolerance for “boring” books. LOTR is not even boring but I cannot read it.

2. I once booked a ticket online, it got double booked and I had a tough time getting my refund. Ever since then I have not transacted online..no I don’t visit the bank or make payments personally, I just give KT a call and get him to do my business!

3. I’ve done a manicure and a pedicure just once in my life in a really good salon at that. Didn’t get what the fuss was about and have never gone back. I’m squeamish about getting a massage or a spa treatment done as well.

4. KT and I have made out several times in the ladies room at a clients place..yeah we did a lot of all nighters and weekend working, but no it wasnt just the two of us working 😉 , we really did have loads of work!

5. I have appeared in a small role in a TV series when I was a kid. I was apparently deluged with offers to act in ads and films, but my parents who’d let me do that role because it was being directed by a relative decided not to let me model and act. And I’m glad that they took such a call!!

6. I was the monitor in class 7. Some of my classmates stole lens from a camera in school and the headmaster called me to investigate. I found out the truth but my classmates rallied behind the thieving kids and kind of put me in a spot and I was under pressure not to “rat” on them. Before I could make up my mind the headmaster found out who took the lens and that I knew about it and stripped me of my badge as well. Needless to say I learnt a lesson that day.

7. I’m not much of a foodie, but I need to get comfort food and it has to be on time. I don’t experiment too much and if I’m not getting my basic dal chawal veggies I can really thrown off gear. I once cried when I came back home from a long day at work to find something that I considered inedible because it was too spicy…yeah that might have been some other harmones at play as well!! But even while I lived in Bombay and had to leave home at 8 am I ensured that I cooked some goo that I could survive on! A second person wouldnt have touched what I was cooking up!

8. I have given my brother a black eye once when we were kids. I even pummelled my dad once when he was drunk and acting obnoxious..so watch out!

9. I’m terrified of animals..dogs, cats and every other “harmless” creature.

10. I hate Salman Khan. If I were to come face to face with him I’d probably give him wun tight slapp!

Not tagging anyone because this one was doing the rounds lightyears back!!


8 Responses

  1. LOTR is very slow going at first, and you have to persevere through tens of pages in “The fellowhip of the ring”, but once you get past the beginning, you cannot put it down 🙂

    The worst is I’ve even plodded through War and Peace…maybe I should give LOTR another shot…my attempt was nearly 6 years ago!!

  2. I too am very scared with online transactions..however have succumbed to its ease now a days
    btw, why hate Salman khan 🙂

    No I do everything online..just that I get KT to do the actual transacting!!
    Oh I don’t know why I hate Salman Khan..just do!!

  3. GDS ke ghar der sahi magar andher nahi…:)

    I agree with Lekhni. You have to get past the middle earth description etc to enjoy the book. It will help if you watch the movies and then go back to the book.

    I am not much of a salon person either. My home manis, pedis and massages I think are good enough for me. 🙂

    Yeah I keep thinking I must give LOTR another shot!! And I’m too lazy to get home made manis and pedis!!

    Whoooaaa made out in a ladies room! Sounds like super adventurous.

  4. I was a monitor in class 7 too 🙂

    u appeared on TV?? Which serial was this?

    Not too sure what it was called…it was some mythological serial..came during the heydays of Doordarshan!!

    ladies room is everyones choice be it clients place or college 😛

    Yeah!! 😉

    thrashed ur dad & bro??? ayoo u can be a bully too I say 😀

    Ok it wasnt as bad as I made it sound!!

  5. Hey how did ur CFA paper go?

    Twas unmitigated disaster…I wasnt too well and I walked out of one session in two hours…the first time ever I’ve done that!!

  6. So you finally did it! now go ahead and do that new post brewing in ur head! 😉

    Yes ma’am

  7. I am with you on point 9. But then, you already know that 🙂

    Oh yeah! Soul sistahs eh??!!

  8. i dont book tickets online either.. i just have a weird mental block against e-tickets..hvnt ever tried and so havent made any goof ups in booking !
    n am not much of a foodie myself..

    I used to do it before then this one thing happened and I kept running to that bleddy Air India building in Bombay..good thing it was walking distance from my office…useless people they took nearly 8 months to get me the refund..

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