Very random

I saw sparrows today, after god know how long. Are they becoming extinct? Pigeons on the other hand are thriving.


I’ve been told by different people that I look like Tabu, Gayatri Joshi and Kareena Kapoor(sob!). I don’t agree with anyone. I just have traditional features that’s it. And I DO NOT have mannerisms like Kareena Kapoor. KT if you want our marriage to last, you will not say that another time.


And oh! We complete 1 year of being married next week! So this year has seen my twenty fifth birthday and first wedding anniversary! Nice.


Has anyone read The Zoya Factor?? Its chick-lit and normally not something I would have bought but someone gifted it to KT and I guess that person too thought it was more to do with cricket than being a breezy romance. Well in a nutshell its about a girl who was born the day India won the World Cup in 1983 and how she turns out to be a lucky charm and how India wins every match with her around at the breakfast table on match days. Of course there is the romance between her and the captain. Now my point here is that I was born a few days after India won the World Cup. The funny thing was that last year I had this fantasy that India would win the 2007 Cup as that was the next major event in my life – my wedding (after my birth in 1983). Twisted I know! And India crashed out so early in the tournament!!


Was watching an episode of Dus Ka had Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar in it. It just reinforced my hatred for Salman Khan (puke puke puke) and boy is Katrina Kaif dumb or what!! So incredibly stupid! And why doesn’t she find herself some nice hottie?? I mean now that she has used Salman enough can’t she find someone more her generation rather than someone who will soon be eligible for senior citizen concessions. But I lurvee Aamir Khan. Shah Rukh can be charming at times, but Aamir does it for me! Who is your favourite Khan? I don’t like Hrithik too much but I thought he was awesome in Lakshya, understated and hot! I really hoped that they would play it on TV for Independence Day but they didnt and chose Jodha Akbar which would have run for 8 hours I think.


Been doing loads of shopping what with so many sales happening. We did go a bit berserk and I’ve been a bit guilty at blowing up money at the hands of several retailers. Till I met a friend and her boyfriend at Lifestyle. She proudly announced that she spent Rs 22,000 at one particular shop (no the zeros are fine!). And I jokingly remarked that her shopping for the next two years is complete and her boyfriend looked on fondly and said next two months (no he isnt Lakshmi Mittal’s son).


My dream house will contain all of this: A nice Chettinad style door complete with ornate brass knockers and handles, those wooden pillars and a swing.


Bachna Ae Haseeno looks good, I think I will hazard a watch. Everyone looks so good. I also want shiny straight hair and good skin!! I want! Rock On also sounds promising!


Has anyone else watched MTV’s Splitsvilla? Its completely hideous. But I keep at it and have watched it regularly the past three weeks. Its some kind of a horrid fascination that I have towards the show. Of course there is the regular bitching, scheming and cat fights. But what I don’t get is how self respecting people would want to appear on a show like that. How do the parents of these girls and boys let them appear on the show. No I’m not a prude, but this is a bit too much for me to stomach. Or am I growing old?


While on the topic of MTV anyone remember the old days when Rahul Khanna hosted Most Wanted? I loved that show and Rahul Khanna of course! And those days when Nikhil Chinnappa was just starting out doing Select! Sheesh I am growing old!! And I guess so are Nikhil and Cyrus Broacha…what are they still doing at these channels!!! 


Twenty five year old hulk that I am I really need to get my act together and learn to drive. Ok I am putting it here on record that I will go over the course of next week and enrol myself for classes. Please to put pressure on me to do this. Thank you!


Oh yeah I saw a trailer for Dostana. I have a nasty feeling about that movie. I may be mistaken but I have a bad feeling that Karan Johar has decided that his Kantaben track from Kal Ho Na Ho was very well received and has decided to make that the central theme of this new movie. The trailer went on about John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan being gay. Now I hope this is not the central theme because I really don’t think Mr K Jo is capable of handling the theme sensibly without it smacking of homophobia.


I am in awe of Michael Phelps. I was watching him in action and he is on a different plane altogether!! Eight golds and seven world records! He is just twenty three!! Was watching a show on TV and apparently he eats a 4000 calorie meal three times a day and the normal requirement for a man in a day is 2000 calories. Go figure!


And on that note I will sign off from this bizarre string of thoughts!


10 Responses

  1. Tabu…Gayathri Joshi and then Kareena???? the first 2 have similar face cut I suppose but Kareena 😛

    I know!! And her mannerisms!! Noooo!!

    Aamir Khan for me too.

    Good!! AK: 2, SRK: 0, SK: -100

    Just picked up the book, yet to start. talking of chik lit humour try reading Trust Me (By Rajshree).

    I’m actually not so into chick lit…but will google this person, is she good??

    Jodha Akbar came on TV??? which channel?? lol at 8 hrs.

    UTV Movies on Friday…don’t you worry it will come on again and again and again…

    ur friend blew 22,000 or her bf on her 😀 ?

    What do u think!! 😉

    Those features of ur dream house exists in a flat in Alwarpet 🙂

    Oh yeah its doable..but you just need a huge place!! Some day!!

    MTV puke puke

    Happy anniversary in advance 🙂


    PS: Seems like ur having some time for urself these days. good good 🙂

    Hehe yes!! I just wrapped up one assignment, what with the long weekend and the husband away on a trip…I have nothing to do but watch TV and make inane observations!!

  2. 🙂 neither me, I just came across this book Trust Me, I wud’nt say Rajshree is good, u get a feeling of watching a Bollywood film when u read it. Time pass stuff.

    Have u read Fear and Loating at Las Vegas?? Nice one this, also see if u can watch the film adapted frm this.

    Nopes not come across either..will check them out!

  3. Hahaha…I loved this post – so random!!! Reminds me of when I have so many thoughts flitting through my mind I can’t sit still!!!

    Yeah exactly! I’m so restless…can’t sit and write out a well thought out post so I thought why not this..and you know what this is fun!!

  4. Happy Anniversary in advance!

    Thank you!

    I heart Aamir Khan. SRK and SK can kiss his backside. Hrithik was so awesome in Lakshya.

    Nice AK: 3, SRK: -10, SK: – 500 😉

    22,000! Do you know if the boyfrnd is mentally stable?

    My dream house has to have a nice backyard with picnic tables.

    Yeah nice wrought iron furniture…checked table cloths and all 🙂

    I used to love Nikhil Chinnappa in MTV select. I actually called him on the show when I was in school and he made some underwear joke and totally embarrassed me. 😦
    If he is still around, he needs to retire like right this instant.

    You did!!! What fun! Yeah apparently he is around..I used to think he was cool when I was what 15?? Do 15 year olds now think someone 20 years older than them is cool??

    KJo will probably come out of the closet with Dostana. But yeah he doesnt have what it takes to make a Brokeback Mountain.

    He can only make lame jokes, putting him and Brokeback Mountain in a sentence is a huge sin. The cowboys probably wear Prada and Armani 😉

    I am waiting for Rock On too.

    Oh have you started driving lessons yet?

    Yeah I like you!!! Will report back ma’am..

  5. we used to have two sparrows regularly visit out house, they would eat the red colored rice which my mom used to pray the tulsi in front of the house, I have hardly seen them in last 5 years..

    Yeah sad and now I read an article about how bees will in a few decades become extinct and the impact is so widespread and will cause food shortage because the bees play such an important role in pollination.

  6. Happy Anniversary!


    Come, let’s go track Aamir down & give him & that pet dog of his a peck on the cheek 😉

    Haha!! Done!

  7. I think Shah Rukh is my favourite khan. Ohh what about Saif Ali khan? He is one of my favourites too.

    You don’t have too much company out here!! I don’t mind him when he gives performances like Swades and Chak De, but you put him and Karan Johar together then that’s it..I really cringe to watch him!! I like Saif too, really like his comic timing and all of that..but he is not much of a the league of the other Khans

  8. waah waah we have our own celebrity looker here!!!

    Nonsense!! Did you not see that line I’d put in about me not agreeing with any of them!!

    and it creeps me out, but I had the sparrow thought last week about how I keep seeing pigeons only and no sparrows and u post this!

    You know that happens to me ever so often about your posts!! Especially those ones on marriage / other people’s reactions etc..I’d want to blog about something and I’d find it on yours!!

  9. Aamir Khan cries as K Balachander salutes him

    I envy my friends who attended this gathering in Chennai.

    Nice!! I always wonder how I never hear about these events before they happen!! I don’t think I would have gone for this anyway, but there is plenty happening that I always wish I’d heard about beforehand!

  10. happy birthday and a happy anniversary(in advance)
    Tabu, Gayatri Joshi and Kareena Kapoor all look very different! how can three ppl look like u!?:P kareena kapoor is one of my least liked film actresses…
    rock on looks good to me too..
    hvnt seen spitesville on mtv…saw a snippet or two but nt a complete episode…am quite bored of the reality shows…

    Thanks!! Yeah they look so different…exactly my point!! Good thing you don’t watch Splitsvilla…utter crap it is!

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