A colleague and I were chatting and I was cribbing about our housewarming ceremony to be held the next day

Me: I’m going to keep a little book to keep count of the number of times people are going to ask me why I’m not wearing enough jewellery when we’re going to have a baby…blah blah

Him (After an unnatural pause): What are you saying?

Me: You know how it is right at these family gatherings…

Him: Sheesh you really need to be careful with your commas girl!!

Yeah and it happened and I managed to surprise everyone with my good girl way of dressing (read sari and a bit of jewellery) and I glowered at the vaadiayr* who said that the next “function” (why on earth is it called that anyway??!!) should be my seemandam**. Mr Vaadiayr I am not having one of those thingies when we do decide to have a baby and even if I am going to be coerced into it, I am for sure not having you over for it.

* Priest

** Baby shower?? (an uncool cousin at least)


3 Responses

  1. one sect of people that will never shut up and mind their business wherever they go. Had u been unmarried they wud have predicted the next function ur wedding..

    Congrats on the house warming.

  2. Uncool cousin indeed!

    Happy new-house living 🙂

  3. People dont think before opening their mouths!!

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