So KT and I were talking on Sunday and I just mentioned to him that I wanted to go to Delhi for a do a bit of shopping for the pretty ethnic handicrafts, trinkets and because its location is so perfect to travel to so many places that I want to visit in Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh that I’m unable to do so because its so far off from Madras and would definitely entail more than a night’s travel.

Monday evening at 6 pm, I get a call from a manager in our Delhi office asking me to be there the next day.

And that’s how people I find myself in dusty Gurgaon for the next four days. Would love to explore Delhi (and not the idiot malls of Gurgaon). But I suspect I’m going to be holed up in this fancy glass building for most of my stay. Having assured people that I won’t venture out by myself in the night as Delhi is the Most Dangerous City in the World and that I would wear a sweater (!!) as it can get cold, I really don’t think I am going to get any time to do anything!



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  1. see :)…be careful what you wish for 🙂

  2. Rambler stole the words outta my mouth :D.
    was there 2 months ago I hated Gurgaon and not a fan of Delhi as well. take care.

  3. Check out Dilli Haat if time permits, not sure if they have shops goin at this time of year though. Also a good chance to catch up with bloggers frm Delhi, isnt it 😀

  4. hipe u made it back safely 🙂

  5. hope u got back safe frm delhi.

  6. did u get a little time to explore delhi dearest? or did u spend every minute holed up in office??

    Whaddya think 😦

  7. so you came to Delhi and didnt meet up with me? i hate you.

    Mailing you! Don’t hate me!

  8. Delhi isn’t safe, but it’s a lovely place for shopping 😉

    I know! I really want to go there and spend some non work time!

  9. Oh for Christ’s sake, people! It isn’t like mobsters are waiting at street corners to jump out at you. Just practice the usual caution and enjoy the sights of our beautiful capital. My heart and soul belong to Bombay but my feet are always up for a little jaunt to saddi Dilli.

    Err..people does not include me ok 😉
    But didnt do a thing as I was holed up in a shiny, glassy,steel building putting in some 15 hours a day..

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