More random

Ok that’s it. My fears have come true. I have completely lost the ability to write long winded posts with all my arguments. I start off full steam, totally irked by something and then something happens to divert me and I lose interest. So till such time I’m able to its back to random stuff:

I had the best Diwali in years..coming as it did in the form of a long weekend, Diwali eve dinner at the inlaws’ place, Diwali lunch at my parents’ and we had our very first guests on Diwali night. The dinner went off well though it had the potential to be a huge disaster. Lesson learnt – Never invite friends over on a festival day. First up none of the veggie shops were open and we were roaming around in the hot 1 pm sun (yeah the rains have stopped) on foot trying to locate one. Having woken up before dawn that day I was so exhausted that I had to squeeze in some sleep before starting to cook, I’d figured that if I started to cook at around 3 30, I’d manage to be done by 6 30 ish which would leave me time to get dressed, straighten out the house and light the diyas. And I slept and slept and slept till 5 40. Woke up in blind panic wondering if we could order in food to find that a house elf had been at work while I slept and all the veggies were cut and ready. So I basically had to just make the pulao, the paneer, the rotis and the raita. And we managed just fine!


I think for the first time post our wedding more than a year ago KT and I went out without an agenda, without “The List”, without a hundred things to tick off. And where did we head? To Landmark. And there was the remnants of the sale that had happened and we found some pretty neat bargains..lovely classics for Rs 120 each, 15% off on The Enchantress of Florence, a set of 10 Wodehouse books for Rs 860, a lovely illustrated book on Friends (the show that is) with interviews and rare photographs and insights for just Rs 400. It was a book buying orgy alright as my brother eloquently puts it!


I think John Abraham looks so hot in the promos of Dostana…Abhishek is very blah and Priyanka Chopra looks and dances badly in Desi Girl. Does any body else share my opinion on Priyanka Chopra? I think she completely lacks grace and the way she wears her sari doesnt help one bit, with one boob popping out carefully all the time. And her hair looks horrendous..almost like straw! No I have nothing against her..I loved her in Aaj Ki Rat (Don), but this way!


Do you read Aamir’s blog? I just love it. And the guy. And his Tata Sky ad with Gul Panag (Not the half man woman thing. That I hate.)


Bomb blasts again in the country. Now in Assam. Why cannot we do anything about this? If a 9/11 happened, strict action was taken. If a 7/7 happened, again it was dealt with with an iron hand. Now we don’t even remember dates in India. Where are we going wrong? Why can’t we stop the madness. And surprise surprise, now we have Hindu terrorists. Now that can’t happen can it? That was the exclusive domain of them Muslims. This is surely a government conspiracy. Minority appeasement. Yes I heard this somewhere.


I’m a South Indian and hence we do not have the practice of fasting on Karwa Chauth. If we did however I would have refused to do it on grounds of not believing in the tradition blah blah. But within a week of the festival I went without food the whole day. Not waiting for the moon to make an appearance but for a report to be finished at work. Nowadays good metrosexual husbands also fast along with their wives. But my colleague who was working with me went ahead and had lunch. And gave me this gem.

Me (at around 7 when the report was getting printed by my colleague D): Call me on my mobile if you need anything. I’m going to grab a bite, havent had my lunch.

D: Oh I’m so sorry

Me: Why are you sorry?

D: Because I ate!!

And with that idiotic story I leave you guys. Have a nice weekend!


Calling for ideas

Alright, now that we have our own kitchen, the cooking bug has bitten. The number of dishes I know how to make is way too little and I am looking at expanding a bit.

So go on tell me what your favourite recipies are.


– Should be vegetarian

– Reasonably healthy ones..not the ones with dollops of cream / butter / ghee. Low fat recipies are also welcome

– I have a microwave oven (convection)

– Would love stuff that can be made on a daily basis, to fill the lunch dabba as well.

Oh you can also leave me links of Food blogs!

Going on 4 – II

And around this time..I said yes!

Going on 4

Today was the day KT proposed to me 4 years back.

Where do we go from here

“Although suburban trains on the Western and Central Railways and Harbour Line functioned as usual, some buses, taxis and autorickshaws were set on fire.” – From the CNN IBN report on the rampage that MNS party workers have been on post Raj Thackeray’s arrest.

Now I really have nothing new to say on what Mr Thackeray has been upto. But I was a bit taken aback by this line from the matter of fact, yet another facet of the whole issue.

I was in Bombay when the four Dalits were killed in Khairlanji and there was a round of riots in various parts of Maharashtra following the killings. I was returning home as usual by train and it was past 10 30 pm when the train pulled into the Chembur station. There was a flurry of stones and slippers into the compartment. There were two other women in the women only first class compartment and I was talking to KT on the phone. We were jolted out of our wits and for the first time in my life I was witnessing the feeling of fear for my safety. Some men from the next compartment shouted at us to close the doors and we lugged the doors shut. Through the grills they told us that they would come into our compartment in the next station, in case the rioters tried to force themselves in and we meekly agreed. Gave a thoroughly scared KT a quick update and waited for the next station where the same thing happened. We were relatively safe in the locked train..but what if someone threw something that was burning..what if they forced entry…the possibilites were incredibly scary and another issue was that we were all due to get off a couple of stations later in Vashi..

Another station..more stones…and we began long journey across the bridge and I remember telling KT that I was going to hang up as I wanted to be unhindered if I had to run, but he wanted to know what exactly I was upto as he was really scared for my safety. But we figured it made more sense for me to be alert and ready..and I hung up as we rolled into the Vashi station…

An eerie calm greeted us..a far cry from the three stations we left behind behind the bridge. I guess the toll road was a deterrent for the rioters and they couldnt be bothered to pay up the charges. After giving KT an update, we stuck close to the men from the first class compartment and I reached the auto stand and it was quite clear that Vashi was untouched by the rioting. I reached home with my heart beating so hard, the brush with danger looming large.

And it struck me. This was relatively a minor incident, in comparison to Bombay in 1991, Gujarat in 2002, the bomb blasts that have happened..

And now we have reached the level of such matter of fact statements in news. And I really don’t know where we’re headed…

Look ma, a rainbow!

I keep whining about the rains..hate them positively. Damp clothes, having to hang them inside the house, bathroom floors that never seem to try dry, muddy feet, being stuck inside the house (hell I don’t drink tea and I hate pakodas), having to go to work when its wet all around…

And then once in a while the whole deal seems worthwhile. You look out of your window, its green everywhere. A mild drizzle. A meek sun, watery rays. Dragonflies flitting around. And there it is. In pretty pastel shades. Nothing like those drawings you do in school with distinct colours (of course with indigo giving trouble!) and black outlines. But its there, filling me with wonder and amazement, immediately brightening up my world


You were my first sporting hero. You came in on the scene just as I was beginning to take a cursory interest in the sport..asking my dad idiot questions like why the batsman were running down the pitch, why was it not one run when the inner circle was crossed just as it was a four at the boundary line.

You grew from strength to strength, capturing the imagination of millions of cricket lovers. I remember waking up at odd hours tracking matches in Australia and New Zealand, staying up late as you played a day night match at South Africa. I remember all those superstitions, staying put in a place without getting up to even take a loo break, leg cramping up, or even that one crazy time when my mother and I had to sing a line of a song after every ball as you hit a four the first time I happened to hum it during the match. Oh my Class 12 board exams, when painfully before every exam that was spread across a month, there was a cricket match and close nerve racking finishes at that and how I’d take a zillion water / snack / loo break just to get sneak peeks of the match and even amma’d turn a blind eye at my eve of exam antics! And Sharjah…you were the sole much drama, sandstorms, chasing required run rates, losing the match yet making the final and eventually winning it! Even if you failed with the bat, you’d make up with the ball or by taking some spectacular catches..the commitment that you have shining through always! Every time you were in your nineties..the silent prayers that would be sent up, willing you to reach the landmark and how we’d spend at least an hour moodspoilt if you failed to do that!

How I’d cringe when you’d come on TV in those silly ads! And wish you’d stay away from it and eventually they figured out a way of making you seem shutting you up!

It saddens me now to see you, a ghost of your former self and I do hope you’d bow out with your head held deserve to leave behind positive memories. When my parents and grandma talk about the wonder that Kapil Dev was and about the energy he brought to the field, I always think of you…you are the man that I’d talk about to my children and grandchildren..about how you saved matches single handedly, terrorising bowlers, inspiring awe in everyone, being so squeaky clean when there was so much rot in the system. You’re my original hero Sachin! Salut!