Work in progress

I don’t know if its because I’m busy or that my mind is so restless that I’m unable to write full length blog posts. My days have become longer now, considering that the work front continues to be as busy as ever (did someone say there was a slowdown?), we now have to cook and clean and finish setting up our house (and it isnt helping that we’re going shopping for little trinkets to decorate the house and not buying a washing machine!). Plus given my good forgiving nature I have to devote time to fume and fret at snarky comments and I simply have to waste time getting upset at everything. The spillover of my office work into at least some 8-9 hours of my weekend is not helping either.

I start writing posts in the heat of the moment when I feel really strongly about something, then I’d get some work and the post gets neglected. All of this is work in progress:

– My follow up book post

– The credit crisis and ibanks going under

– On religion and god

– Two pending tags

My target is to complete all of them in 10 days..

Oh and does anyone have a job to offer me? One that means working from 9 30 to 7 30 (max) and weekends off..please?

Edited: Today I’m leaving at 6! Putting up my feet and watching mind numbing television! Yay! (And of course anti-jinx)


6 Responses

  1. ah religion and god should be fun to read

    Coming up!

  2. 9:30 to 7:30!!!!! r u kidding me??

    If I start at 9:30, I can only work till 5:30. * hours is good enough don’t u think???

    Ah! 7 30 is “early” 😦 There was a point though if I came back home at 7 my ma would look on worriedly and ask if I was sick! Nowadays 9 is average..And now the crazy hours are taking a toll…

  3. Infact we’re recruiting right now..whenever you wake up-to-the instant you wanna hit the bed.

    It’s also commonly called (the much-promised-twice-missed) holiday. Say what?


  4. tell me abt it!!! I just got back and I dont have sundays off too. I get offs on Mondays when the rest of the family is working.

    That’s terrible! I’d really hate for that to happen

    All this does’nt stop me from peeping into ur blog (or reader) to look for a new post EVERYDAY 🙂

    Will look forward to read;

    The credit crisis and ibanks going under

    On religion and god

    That’s sweet! Yeps they’re coming up soon!

  5. a friendly pat on the back. I’m with you too. The same situation plus sickness. So you’re still a bit lucky.

    Pat to you too..and hope you feel better soon

  6. Ohh those snarky comments, were they on the blog or irl?

    Hehe not on the blog..I’m not the celebrity that you are! In real life unfortunately.

    Either way, people have become dumber. Maybe the whole financial crisis has killed whatever functioning brain cells left
    Someone said something to me about Samar’s allergies .
    I looked at her and blinked twice and frowned , and said, Are you fucking insane.” I should blog about that..

    Yeah what is with people…I just don’t get it..heard of mind your own business???

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