Look ma, a rainbow!

I keep whining about the rains..hate them positively. Damp clothes, having to hang them inside the house, bathroom floors that never seem to try dry, muddy feet, being stuck inside the house (hell I don’t drink tea and I hate pakodas), having to go to work when its wet all around…

And then once in a while the whole deal seems worthwhile. You look out of your window, its green everywhere. A mild drizzle. A meek sun, watery rays. Dragonflies flitting around. And there it is. In pretty pastel shades. Nothing like those drawings you do in school with distinct colours (of course with indigo giving trouble!) and black outlines. But its there, filling me with wonder and amazement, immediately brightening up my world


3 Responses

  1. I just love the city after it rains 🙂

    The waterlogging, muddy roads and all??!! 😉

  2. awww..poor poor poor you.

    I love the rain. esp after it’s been hot for many many day . Ahhhh that smell. i love the rain most, at night. the pitter patter. and i love the tea…not the pakoras though :|.


    Yeah I love the smell of the wet earth too..but that comes only at the beginning of the rains…afterwards its just the slush! Funny you should mention the rain in the night because I was awakened by the thunder and the lightning last night..really ferocious and majestic..

  3. rainy days in Chennai? YUCKKKK!!!!
    I have had horrible days in T Nagar and Velacherry 3 yrs ago

    Ooh yes..three years back was the worst I’ve seen I think..and Velachery was built on a dry lake…can’t really expect dry zone during the monsoons. T Nagar is a nightmare any time of the year..to be avoided like plague! Yeah you had some bad combinations!!!

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