Calling for ideas

Alright, now that we have our own kitchen, the cooking bug has bitten. The number of dishes I know how to make is way too little and I am looking at expanding a bit.

So go on tell me what your favourite recipies are.


– Should be vegetarian

– Reasonably healthy ones..not the ones with dollops of cream / butter / ghee. Low fat recipies are also welcome

– I have a microwave oven (convection)

– Would love stuff that can be made on a daily basis, to fill the lunch dabba as well.

Oh you can also leave me links of Food blogs!


3 Responses

  1. Check your mail 🙂

  2. Try or You have to read the reviews though.

    Thanks and welcome here! Do you blog? Please do leave a link if you do.

  3. self-promotion is cheap thing to do …but im doing it anyway.. a friend n i started a baking blog since u hv a convection oven u can make some of the stuff. herez the

    Oh not at all..its called helping! Thanks a ton, will check this out.

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