Tata Sky Gul Panang boob

Well I have so far resisted the temptation of putting down funny search keywords that have gotten people here.

But this one was too much to resist. And yeah sorry to have disappointed you.


6 Responses

  1. Thats the result of talking about Aamir Khan-Gul Panag-Tata sky ad and Priyanka Chopra boob pop put from saree in the same post 😛

    there have been hilarious keyword seaches in the blogdom that has cracked readers up;

    1) “first night anubhavam” @ Prabhu Ferrari’s
    2) navel size or something like that @ Twisted DNA’s
    3) And something funny at Rads’s too.

    Will fish out the links for u later 🙂

  2. Gul Panag boob..?? cheeee!!! 😛

    such wierd searches you get!! LOL

    So good to see you at my blog. I had given you access to it long time ago..I missed you too!!

    Its funny T because I did have access after you went private, then suddenly lost and regained again…mystery to me..

  3. lol…ppl actually search fr stuff like that? dont resist…tell us the other searches too..will make a funny read for sure!

    Entertaining no? Will start recording these funny ones..I also got “John Abraham in Dostana showing underwear” yesterday!

  4. Jesus… to be honest even I put out a post with the words Lindsay Lohan, supine and shots in it…in a bid to drive traffic. Hasn’t worked so far… 😉

    Aha that’s why you don’t put in the biggies who probably have tons of websites talking about them! Try it again with a starlet guaranteed to work. Ive had some 5-6 people searching for the lady’s assets and now I cannot watch the ad without cracking up like a crazy nutjob!

    Great blog! Been around for a long time too…

    Thanks for those lovely words! I heart your blog and your pictures, I have to say!

  5. my fiirst time here.

    This post is funny. DAMN funny! 🙂

    Hello welcome here!

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