So KT and I were watching this promotional show on NDTV for Dostana. A set a la Koffee with Karan, with Karan Johar playing interviewer / moderator, call it what you will and the cast of Dostana on the couches..they were having champagne though. It was largely entertaining, with the mandatory silliness from Priyanka and Karan. But man the guys were so witty and funny! Most of what they were saying cracked us up. That got KT and me talking later about how on earth Abhishek Bachchan ended up marrying that oh so silly, I’m so giggly Aishwarya Rai, I mean she’s gorgeous and all, but seriously how do they end up having any reasonable conversation.

Then K came up with this theory of a balance needed in the marriage, and it was better that one person is dumb and the other intelligent and that they won’t be fighting for every little thing like we do. We have these friends,Β  a couple where the guy is nice and brilliant and the girl seemingly has no mind of her own, I’m not saying she has no brains, but I’ve not really seen her use it. Its always open puppy like adoration that she has for him and he also takes very good care of her. They’ve been married happily for five years now.

So I asked him whether he’d have preferred me to be one of those dumb slave wives and he very smartly of course said that no just one of us needs to be dumb and that it could have even been him..a dumb slave husband to me! And then he came up with this experiment. Rules are as follows:

– Every alternative day we play dumb

– The person playing the smart one gets to take all the decisions as he / she is smart and is the only one capable of taking decisions, geddit? (Again very smart example for this that KT gave me was the PSP example. Now KT has been lusting after one for nearly a year. I’ve been vehemently opposed to it on two counts, one that I’ve already lost him to his Blackberry and we have a threesome going here, I really don’t want another person competing for our affection, both the Blackberry’s and mine. Two it costs Rs 8000 and that sounds like a totally expensive “other person”, when he can have these cheap one night stands from “I-am-bored.com”. So yeah now notice the tactical brilliance when he gives me the example, “On a day when I am dumbΒ  and you say that I should not buy the PSP, I must listen” NOT “On a day when you are dumb, and I say I want the PSP, you must listen”

– No taking advantage of the person playing dumb

– No reversing the previous days decisions

– Being dumb does not equal being lazy (Here I tried to be a bit smart and failed. Well the friend I mentioned, she is not only dumb, she is also lazy..she has now given up her job, she also has a cook and maids and all..no kids too. So basically I really don’t know what plans she has for her time. And coming back to our little experiment, today is dumb day for me. So I told K that I’m not going to cook and he has to be in charge of the cooking and yeah that he needs to get the house cleaned up, do the laundry as well, keeping completely in line with the friend. And he not so gently reminded me that this was only dumb day and not be like friend day. Not fair i say. But the truth is here we have perfect balance actually. Not in terms of laziness but in terms of ability to do things. I am a complete morning so I am fresh and happy then and buzz around doing all the work. KT is a total zombie..and cannot even fix himself a cup of coffee. The night brings a completely different scene..I lose all my faculties by around 10 pm and KT is bright eyed and happy and is in charge of all the work in the night. So the only imbalance is in the intelligence levels!

Well so we start today and I am not betting on the success of this experiment! I love a good fight too much to let it pass by…may be one way of this working is if KT were to play dumb everyday..now that’s some thought huh?!


6 Responses

  1. I have been playing a version of this game. NK said something to me which hurt and I decided to teach him a lesson. So the past few days, I have been saying jo appki marzi and kuch bhi chaala ge. Anytime he asked my opinion. Acha hai, theek hai.

    By the 3rd day, he said tum natak band karo!

    Yeah a martyr like expression and a do what you want works wonders no?

    PS : he said tum doosri desi biwi type kyu nahi ho.

    To this my answer is that I thought “being different” is what attracted you to me in the first place!

  2. ah an interesting experiment I must admit πŸ™‚

    Full flop though…just provided blog fodder!

  3. are you talking about us? we’ve been married five years and most days i just look at the OA with slave like adoration. that doesnt mean i dont rip into him brutally – but mostly i coast along just happy to be by his side.

    You’re kidding me! The resemblance ends with the five years and the happy marriage! If you say you don’t have a mind of your own, I really don’t know who does! Now stop fishing!

  4. lack experience to comment


  5. Ah! this one sure sounds fun πŸ˜€

    I keep telling G that he must’ve married a village girl instead of one that thinks and acts ! But, as you said too, G cannot make a simple cup of tea…so if I hand over the kitchen to him, I’m sure to starve ! πŸ˜€ Loved this post totally πŸ˜€

    I know! Some superwomen we are! Pulling long hours at office and rustling up meals…sometimes I wish I were a village girl myself! Uncomplicated!

  6. oh, me has blogrolled you too, btw πŸ™‚

    My pleasure!

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