Thank god for sacrifices.

Please hop across to read what our could have been PM had to say at the Leadership Summit

I quote some gems (my emphasis):

“It is too early to say the economic crisis is contained. We believe in an open and not unregulated economy,” she said.

You don’t even have to understand Economics…English anyone?

“…said the financial crisis would affect the “most vulnerable” sections of society who had nothing to do with “fancy” financial instruments and had to contend with a hard day’s work.”

“Should they become victims of a few bankers greed? It is our duty to ensure what action we must take for them.”

Here we go again…blame ibankers and their fancy instruments. What ever happened to all the greedy people who thought that they could buy houses they just couldnt afford. Its really ridiculous to see this line bandied all over the place. Is it really possible for a bunch of evil ibankers to bring down global economies. To reduce magically manufacturing activity, to reduce demand? This is becoming insane.

“We will not be thrown off course by the winds buffeting us from abroad. No need for overreacting, let alone panic. No need for us to get back to the era of control over market. At the same time, we can’t allow things to go out of control.

Yeah I’m still laughing about that! Whatever is she trying to say?


4 Responses

  1. Awarded 🙂

  2. hey there,

    I checked the link out. And to be fair, I do understand what she is saying. I don’t know if I agree with her or how she plans to do that but she is saying that we still believe in liberalization with some regulation. Now that in itself might be an oxymoron but through out the lecture, that’s what the point is.
    1)Open but not unregulated
    2)No need to go back to control era. But we wont let things get out of control
    3) Liberalization with sensible regulation
    It looks like she is rambling but Isnt she conveying what she wants to convey

    I don’t even have any views about her or her policies. Only commented because after I checked the link out, I felt you were being too harsh.
    Feel free not to publish.

    Ps:-I have a masters in economics from DSE. Since I am defending her (for unknown reasons), I felt I should earn some credibility first

  3. That’s the kind of IQ our leaders have. Can we really balme them for not protecting us!!! Sigh…they dont even know what to do…

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